Prepare SHTF Beginning 2011 ! Wake Up Everyone , Get Ready !

Pin It Prepare SHTF Beginning 2011 ! Wake Up Everyone , Get Ready ! Amid mountain of paperwork, shortcuts and forgeries mar foreclosure process OPRAH: ” Waiting For Superman ” Tags: Facebook CEO’s MAJOR Donation: Mark Zuckerberg To Give $100…

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  1. selectajay2000 Says:

    this is minniapolis..looks like a 3rd world country man..usa is a sinking ship!

  2. OperationThor Says:

    scorched earth

  3. OperationThor Says:

    @ArekkusuSoshin Anarchy

  4. ritmotraveler Says:

    Where is this?

  5. wafflePWNAGE22 Says:

    WTF? Is this Norway or U.S. ?

  6. shazizz Says:

    @uspimpclub it is all being done deliberately!

  7. ethan2010ize Says:

    Looks like Canton Ohio

  8. ChrisnStarry Says:

    What a dumb ass!

  9. M14Mann Says:

    is this Detroit?

  10. SoundSystemOne Says:



    sorry to say this, but you guys are so fucked…..if this was happening in my country heads would start to roll!

  12. TeleporterM11 Says:


  13. AridSea Says:

    @ArekkusuSoshin socialist anarchist party.

    gold and black is capitalist anarchist..
    pink is homosexual anarchist
    green is environmental..

  14. Sinekyre14 Says:

    America is decending into chaos because white people are becoming a minority. There’s no crisis in OHIO or MINNESOTA, the crisis is in California, and states that are minority-white.

    ___You can’t have a first world nation with a third world population.____

  15. lipoicacid Says:

    @JhonnyQuest2012 Nothing is free.My guess is it [is] GM.That is why it is free.

  16. deadreck024 Says:

    Its getting set up for the big land grab the carpet baggers are licking there chops

  17. Robbob9933 Says:

    @Sh4d0wSUN Having a social consious such as helping the homeless the feeding them hot meals does not make you an Anarchist. Anarchists have two colors one who follows the rule of law and respects non-believers individual liberty and the other who believes violence it the solution. Throught history the later is the traditional form of anarchy and has always followed what is known as the communist model. And is almost always the extream minority trying to dictate to the vast majority.

  18. Sh4d0wSUN Says:

    None would win.With lots of guns and not so much food you are forced to become scavenger-im sure you know how people treat them.Also if you stockpile lots and lots of food, and hungry people found out you’re doomed to death(if not right away, then few weeks or months later).Best choice is to stockpile on guns and ammo(and knowledge HOW TO USE THEM) and on food and water storage.But above all, dont “show” them, that you’re having food stockpile in basement(for your own sake).

  19. Sh4d0wSUN Says:


    Bullshit !! I dont know what kind of anrachist’s you have there in america but here our local anarchist group helped homeless persons with free hot food twice a month.But im not stupid;primary they are still ANARCHISTS who fights against injustice.As i’ve said TRUE anarchist wont hurt someone who is trying to get through live with small business, but rather target high ranked conglomerats(banks, big shop chains,.gov buildings-basicly any capitalist building).

  20. garrethdavis Says:

    @1969calvert same. and it’s scary to see it unfolding

  21. 1969calvert Says:

    see germany 1933 and you will see usa 2012

  22. RayAir1 Says:

    America is a real shit hole now.

  23. TAMYCRON Says:


    Please, not with the FEMA thing … America is facing economic depression. The last 2 depressions we weren’t rounded up and corralled into extermination camps. Why would it happen now? Should I even have bothered asking a guy who named his handle “DarkHampNight420?” Woah. For totally.

  24. 1969calvert Says:

    your right about walmart but because you let the tyrant government send our corps out of here walmart is all we have for a job, and you have a second amendment ,and you did nothing so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  25. DarkHempKnight420 Says:

    Thats all apart of their plan “Relocation”! for mass people. F.E.M.A Camps are comming to a town near you! Remembre people your government Loves you.
    Cuz you do what they say!! OBEY

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