Pre Market Stock Futures Gap Down Technical Analysis Left Elbow Gap Down

Pin It Pre Market Stock Futures Hap Gap Down Technical Analysis Left Elbow Gap Down. We will be watching the TQQQ Bull Short & also the Bear Long SQQQ CSCO Earnings After Hours Nasdaq Decline. After hours Cisco System created a huge drop in “stock futures” as CSCO dropped $4.09 or (-16.70%) a $24.3 Billion haircut. In this live after hour stock market trading video, we discuss trading objectives for SMF Market Maker Traders. We talk about going long the bear ETF and shorting the bull ETF. Stock training and stock chart training is what we specialize in and getting wholesale entries on these bull and bear ETFs funds is key to trading them. Longer term they are only buys at specific times during the “earnings cycle economy”. We’ll watch longer term trends on the “S&P 500” going into 2011 and 2012 as we see how “wall street” positions itself. Free Trial Sign up http

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