Poll: Tea Party Protesters Grossly Misinformed

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  1. newmanfrigan Says:

    @JohnLloydScharf Then you are in denial my friend! You’ve got one foot in the grave.

  2. xXMrGreenEyes24Xx Says:

    wow fox news only fox news cant even get news right if there life depended on it.

  3. JohnLloydScharf Says:

    I am trying to figure out why you consider being old, conservative, or hating what Obama as a negative.

  4. diah4 Says:

    @kipptumor, get thee behind me satan!!!

  5. jimbo525SE Says:

    Government spending is an indirect tax. The higher government spending the higher inflation goes, the less purchasing power my money has, the greater percentage of my income goes to paying off interest of the debt which essentially means the government is taking money to pay for me to pay off interest on a loan that I didn’t want in the first place.

  6. lisztnut Says:

    @diah4 and stop acting like an expert on the bible when you clearly AREN’T. It’s offensive. I don’t pretend to know everything about the bible, but the theologians in that video know a whole lot more than you and I… Watch it a LEARN something:

    The Bible Told Me So (in ten parts)

  7. lisztnut Says:

    @diah4 you are in SERIOUS need of education about what the bible does and does not say on homosexuality. This video presents world recognized theologians who debunk the myth that the bible condemns homosexuality. You have a fifth grade level of knowledge of the bible if you use it this way.
    Youtube video:

    The Bible Told Me So (in ten parts)

  8. kipptumor Says:

    Rand Paul received LESS total votes than the LOSING Democratic candidate in the Kentucky election, and then proceeded to self-destruct faster than “Golden Boy” Scott Brown. The Teabaggers hate everyone!!

  9. JohnnyBB82 Says:

    @serratealldemoncrats I say, if you use your God to hate, then you worship Satan, plain and simple. He destroyed Sodom & Gommorah because of inhospitality, not homosexuality. Where in the bible does it say the citizens wanted to buttfuck some angels? And, tough guy, I served too, take that shit elsewhere, because you don’t have to be a conservative neanderthal to have served.

  10. serratealldemoncrats Says:

    “Being homosexual is not something one chooses, but something one is born with…..”
    BULLSHIT! People like you that spout shit out of your pieholes that have no clue of the facts are really quite funny! It is not! It’s a choice! Furthermore, you “pick and choose” things out of the Bible to suit your opinion, not for the truth contained therein! You know nothing of God! That’s why he did what he did to Sodom and Gommorah! That’s fact! You have no clue!

  11. serratealldemoncrats Says:

    Yeah, all the right is being mislead! Even as we see before our eyes the downward corkscrew that we’re in the middle of, with what “USED TO BE” the world’s most powerful Gov. trying to take more freedoms away! Yup, it’s all a lie, huh? We’re imagining! LOL, ….

  12. serratealldemoncrats Says:

    LMAO! The most FUCKING pathetic, cheap, avoid the truth retaliation I have ever seen in any debate>>”the right is racist!” lol, Nice try! NOBODY buys it (with the exception of you few hardcore socialist circus leader voters). I have a suggestion: I served! Did you (no, you didn’t, obviously)! So, why don’t YOU LEAVE our country, since you want to change it’s “personality!”? Hmmm?

  13. JohnnyBB82 Says:

    @diah4 Do you even know what the word “abomination” means? When the bible used it, it talked about social norms, not something that was inherently evil. Being homosexual is not something one chooses, but something one is born with. Do you think God wants people to be miserable? Did you know that suicide rates among homosexuals is so much larger, simply because of peoples literal interpretation of that one verse? What about eating shellfish or pork, or wearing two different fabrics?

  14. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, You cant negoiate the word of God. It’s not, ” I can commit abomination, but do everything else right and its all good.” No. Im not judging you, Im pointing out the error. That ignorance is going to cause alot of people to burn. No hate in this at all. Just concern.

  15. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, You call it hate, but it’s not that at all. If I hated you, I’d say, “go on. Have sex with other men.” You got it backwards. The fact that I hate that sin, which is what we are suppose to do, shows that I care and I dont even know you. Thats the prob with this world. They think they can do EXACTLY the opposite of what God says and b/c they ‘love” he’s okay with it. please no, thats not it.

  16. JohnnyBB82 Says:

    @diah4 You’re the ugly one. You think God is proud of you for spewing hate at a person you don’t know? Hardly. A gay person who loves is a thousand times closer to God than a straight person who hates. That hate will blacken your heart. Please pray for pennance. I’m sure He’ll listen.

  17. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, blasphemy. Your an ugly person and Im sure He knows that the lust of your heart and flesh would consume you. He’s not wrong, you are for being so weak. At the same time, without sinners there would be no saints, so you ppl have to exist. Just an ugly sight is all.

  18. JohnnyBB82 Says:

    @diah4 I’m not wrong. God made me this way, and if he then hates the way he made me, then he’s in the wrong, not me. I will not ruin my own life wishing I was someone I’m not. You may be content chasing your tail trying to please an entity which may or may not even care about your silly assumptions here on Earth, but I for one have better things to do. Good day, Madam.

  19. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, Not true. God said we are to love our brother. we hate the sin. I dont hate any man, but I DO hatye the sin. If a person feels convicted and gets defensive, thats because he knows he'[s wrong. Dont take it out on me. Im not the one who tempted you. To agree w/ homosexuality is to hate God. I cant do that. sorry if man doesnt like it, but I dont serve man. Get over it.

  20. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, Not true. God said we are to love our brother. we hate the sin. I dont hate any man, but I DO hate the sin.

  21. JohnnyBB82 Says:

    @diah4 Sadly, if you believe God creates people just to hate them, then I think you have your God confused with Satan. God creates us to love, not to harbor hatred. If you’re too short-sighted to see this, then your minister has failed you miserably.

  22. gregjcase Says:

    this is exactly what Murdoc (the very right wing owner of fox) intended to do. brainwash the ignorant american public so that he can sway policy advantage towards his viewpoint. And what is that? Oligarchy. It means the wealthy and powerful maintain all of the wealth and power ina society and over the government.

  23. upplsuckimcool16 Says:


  24. upplsuckimcool16 Says:

    Whenever I get into a debate about whether or not Obama is cutting taxes the conservative NEVER fails to say ” Cigarette tax went up etc etc” and they site all types of sales taxes that have gone up… I really don’t know what to say to that…

  25. diah4 Says:

    @JohnnyBB82, WRONG! To dislike abomination doesnt make something wrong with me. The fact that you accept ungodliness as normal shows plenty is wrong with you. The shame is you dont even realize and I have the knowledge as to why. You people are a sad sight, and when your burning with those who participate in homosexuality, I hope you feel it’s worth it….

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