Plan For Internet Business Using Free Blogs

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We can hardly go on the internet these days without running into blogs. Blogs are literally everywhere and you have probably heard that there is a lot of money to be made with blogs too. For a person to start a blog, the question of how to make money online using blogs has become a very popular reason. Well search no more and keep on reading as this article will show you the steps on how to get started in making money online using free blogs.

First step – First step – start a blog by registering at one of the free blogging platforms such as Just follow the complete step by step instruction provided from the point of registering to setting up your blog. Make your blog looks good Search for the most attractive template and layout that suit your style.

Second step – After you have set up your blog, this is where the real works begins. Publish blog posts that are unique and interesting to read. There are millions of blogs populating the internet so the competition is really great. The content of your blog is the key of your success in making money online.

Third step – Third step – linking your blog to pay per click advertising services such as Google Adsense is the easiest way to start making money. When a visitor clicks on an ad in your blog you will be paid a small commission.

Fourth step – if you have a product sell it of course. Selling advertising space to other blogs owner and webmaster will generate extra money such as placing a “Place your link here for…” button.

Fifth step – remember to market and promote your blog by joining forums, other blogs, link posting websites, write an article marketing and other ways that will spread your links further thus attracting more visitors to your blog and making more money for you.



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