Peter Schiff on CNBC 11/05/10

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  1. OZtruth1 Says:

    ‘gotta leave it there’. Way too much reality

  2. kdenn71 Says:

    I think she has a crush on him.

  3. fuckoff187 Says:

    that female host gets more turned on every interview

  4. 3rdStoneObliterum Says:

    “allright peter, gotta leave it there”……..yeah, gotta leave the rest of it OFF THE AIRWAVES so the sheeple won’t get alarmed.

  5. alex630710 Says:

    fuck those media they always claim job rises and all but never find out what kind of jobs are offered. Lower salaries and longer hours, and to top it all we don t even know if they re steady jobs. It s disgusting the way the media is trying to make look as if everything is coming back together. I don t know how many times I heard CNBC staff being upbeat about the dollar and the economy. Hey according to the government we just came out of a recession. Doesn t it feel great.???

  6. 450984 Says:

    What kind of jobs are there?????? McJobs, such as fixing streets, opening new eateries??I live in Penna., most of the old jobs are gone and will never come back!

  7. radiatethecorruption Says:

    Google search: CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER | the ultimate strategy to crash JPMorgan

  8. 2237lemon Says:

    … 160 million with an M per month without devaluing the money, although the Fed is ‘creating’ about that much in billions per month with a B… whole lot of davaluing going on from what I can see.

  9. 2237lemon Says:

    using a stopwatch i can see the american holdings of gold increasing by approx. 3 ounces every minute. 7 days/week X 24 hours =168 hours . 168 hours times times 60 minutes per hour is 10,080 minutes. 10,080 minutes times 3 ounces of gold = 30,240 ounces of gold increasing weekly. Times a nice round nominal price of $1300/ounce = $39 million, 312 thousand of added gold cert value per week that could be boughten then turn around and printed without davaluing the currency.. 160m/mnthly

  10. 2237lemon Says:

    is it possible the FED is upping its gold cerificate holdings as it ‘creates’ currency to offset any devaluing ? Last time I looked at the Fed balance sheet on their website I thought I noticed the current value was increasing. not only dollar value , but holding value in ounces is increasing ( by measure of weight ) on the national debt clock -real time website. Under the precious metals tab it shows holding by country but doesn’t say whether thats the central banks or personal gold holdings.

  11. MOPEDBRAD Says:

    the disclaimer at the end of the segment is hilariou 🙂

  12. mrearlygold Says:

    Actually it’s Peter Schiff’s credibility which draws listeners, hence advertisers to the show. It’s not the other way around lol.

  13. masterjackblack Says:

    peters abrupt opening is basically saying don’t patronise me you two faced bitch

  14. jdjbarnat Says:

    @ALTERED13TH I agree. But then again, at least they give the guy enough credibility to voice his opinion on their show.

  15. Cinnafury Says:

    @MrAk47nut it’s monetary inflation, yes. QE -> lag -> asset price inflation

  16. jimberkt Says:

    Do they really not understand how dollar devaluation makes stocks appear to go up? How can they have jobs on a business channel? I hope they were just playing devils advocate.

  17. TeraPeoPunjabi Says:

    This korean bych is so hot….america should export her to pakistan lol

  18. tomkeane123 Says:

    The people in the background laughing will be laughing all the way to the back of the food queue 😀

  19. rgiblin6 Says:


  20. MySockPuppeteer Says:

    peter schiff is gay.

  21. itstime4change13 Says:

    oooh the stock market will go up. is she stupid? does she just read off a teleprompter like the president or what? she must because if she has any brains in that over make uped head of hers, she would know better. why is this even a topic on tv? we have a program to discuss the different options of them robbing us? like this is a Universal law that HAS to be followed, good god. Instead of talking about the SAME SHIT FOR YEARS….how about changing the system completely.

  22. ALTERED13TH Says:

    This show is mostly a bunch of Hollywood people talking about economics, something about which they know next to nothing. Peter Schiff made most of these Hollywood a**holes look like the morons they are when he called the collapse two years before it happened and they all laughed at him.

  23. martini926 Says:

    poor that bimbo.

  24. javajunkie517 Says:

    @groupthinkful Ok. I dont follow Hollywood or find many of the celebrities beautiful. The host is a pretty girl, but because of that she doesn’t have the right to be condescending towards a guest. If you watch her with Peter Schiff in other clips, you will see is that way towards him most of the time, in my opinion.
    Really not worth arguing about…

  25. sunking387 Says:

    Nicely done Pete – I don’t think Trisha Tuckanowa will ever want to interview him again. Think I’ll check out his own station, Schiff Radio.

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