Peter Schiff Inflationary Nightmare Coming January 24, 2011

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go to for details Peter Schiff Inflationary Nightmare Coming January 24, 2011

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  1. kevreilly7 Says:

    @emmy1cat thats wishful thinking

  2. emmy1cat Says:

    But if CHinese goods get more expensive, this could drive manufacturing back to America. The wage rate is another question.

  3. dazzagazza6969 Says:

    Here in New Zealand we have a modest economy with interest rates at 8-10% which encourages sensible borrowing. However, we are experiencing rapid raising inflation due to the actions of the USA and then Europe.

    I see Americans claiming ‘End the Fed’. People around the world are claiming ‘End the US dollar reserve status’…..they have abused their dollar status to economically bully the rest of the world. If that does not work they invade.

  4. WarrivarNeo Says:


  5. ChineseAtheist Says:

    That is nonsense. Laos, Cambodia, India are our main competitors. Adidas for instance has moved its factories to India, since they have lower wages.
    Let us keep it real: The low skilled US working class cannot compete with Asian working class.

  6. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r …They have the printing press and secrecy….what else does someone need? Give me a printing press and secrecy and see how many laws I follow!!!

  7. l1xx3r Says:

    @petiemac24 Yes, but their role they play is still because of the root cause, which is government.

  8. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r …I agree with you but you can’t completely dismiss the FED having a role in the mess we are in.

  9. l1xx3r Says:

    @petiemac24 You are the one that sounds foolish. Just because the FED has more power than the government now, doesn;t mean that the government isn’t the cause. Use your brain, if it weren’t for the government, would you use a bank that was connected to the FED? The only reason you dont have a choice is because of the government regulate it that way. In a free market, the FED wouldn’t be able to exist.

  10. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r ….The FED does not need the permission of government can the government audit the FED. Like I said educate yourself because you sound foolish.

  11. Immaculite Says:

    Let me be clear on this. China would NOT string US along, they do and they will go down along with the US. They WILL let their under valued currency float, and when they do.. oh man all you Americans WILL be chinese SLAVES. well you already are, but this is gonna be on a WHOLE OTHER FUCKIN LEVEL. with your dollar being worthless and the yuen floating freely, these fuckas would be able to even BUY these empty homes currently on the market. It’s ALL just waiting for them. So much for America.

  12. chadberry75 Says:


  13. l1xx3r Says:

    @NoisemakerArrow So you are telling me the people voting in the fed? Wow… I think you need to look at the facts.

  14. NoisemakerArrow Says:

    @l1xx3r No, the people allowed the government and the Fed, and the problems will end when the people realize that it’s they who are the biggest mob with the most guns, not the government. As long as the people tolerate the situation, it will continue to get worse.

  15. plalelal Says:

    What percentage of the US’s sales goes to China? In other ords how much will this affect our exports? I know it will affectour imports. High prices coming to WalMart.

  16. niltomega Says:

    Well…………………that sucks.

  17. l1xx3r Says:

    @petiemac24 And who allowed the FED, the government, and who makes the decision if the FED needs auditing, the government, see what the problem is? Don’t be stupid, strike the root, not the leaves. Ron Paul still wants the cause of all the problems (thats the government if you are too slow to follow along) to stay, The governments are just the biggest mobs with the most guns, Ron Paul doesn’t say “End Governments” he says less government (to attract those that think like that). Its a great trick

  18. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r …I assume people like you speak without checking their sources. If your main priority is not auditing the FED, you are grossly misinformed.

  19. ytgv3fc7 Says:

    @AntiSchiff “This tells me you know nothing about what’s going on. ”
    This video tells me you don’t know what’s going on
    @SchittReport same for you

  20. l1xx3r Says:

    @petiemac24 LOL!!! and you know if I know this or not? Maybe you should be doing research, obviously you assume a lot on a little information.

  21. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r ….You don’t even know how the FED caused this crisis or how government contributed. Please do your research before you make yourself look like a fool again!

  22. l1xx3r Says:

    @petiemac24 lol… as much as the fed is a problem, the government is the cause of all the problems… so you are right, he has distracted the people… HEY LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! Did it work? Are you that gullible?

  23. petiemac24 Says:

    @l1xx3r ….So who brought all this attention to the FED?……YOU?

  24. w0tm Says:

    @BadWithNames123 yes, I never believed Chinese figures. Before capitalist communism they were so made up to be silly. Since then they TRY to get the world to believe more realistic numbers but still wrong. I watch your media on wwitv dott com Much of your media plus Daily Telegraph in London is complete, accurate and enjoyable to read non-fiction. Many in China moving back to country as their recession worsens. China has severe economic troubles wasting money military + unneeded construction

  25. marque1999 Says:

    Btw, the job of the goverment is to come out with policies for the good of the majority n not to protect the assets of the people who has arrived(like yourself). How are the people gonna survive another day, weeks or months without savings n job. Do you want a riot? We know you can jolly well buy guns to protect yourself. Think about it, how much can you spend in a lifetime? Please use your heart sometimes instead of your brain!

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