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  1. mpoho2000 Says:

    I bought into SVM at $5 even. Since then I’ve bought in many times. Nice low average. Fruitful investment in silver so far 🙂 and it hasn’t even began….

  2. crock2020 Says:

    look at that smile….grin from ear to ear! and the other experts???

  3. davidlee110 Says:

    If you say collapse, then you talking about the Global. Not U.S.
    because every nation metal price is the same like U.S., just a couple dollars off.

  4. 2manysecrets2 Says:

    @twin1010101010 : I don’t know who gives these people these jobs.

  5. DukeofWellington91 Says:

    @steverock85 well i think the crux of the matter is that for as long as central banks keep printing money, for as long as governments look like defaulting etc gold is only going to go higher, the key will be in 2-3 years maybe even longer, but if then the market has managed to correct itself, then you bail out of gold.

  6. twin1010101010 Says:

    how dare that slut interupt Peter!!! she should be in the KITCHEN!!!!!!!

  7. steverock85 Says:

    And i predict that gold will fail after one to two years when the gap between its real value and the bubble value grows to big.

    The computer age has been been good for gold, but gold can be recycled more than is done to day.

    Gold or papermoney… it does not matter… they all follow the same fundamental rule which is “Supply and demand”. When the demand is making a gap, well… something is going to crash… Make your own research… i’m not lying.

  8. lilbromarky1 Says:

    the stupid fucking advertisement is blocking the names of the pundits. Who waguys the 3rd guy?

  9. MrDoeskie Says:

    Well whataya know gold hit 1388$ yesterday lol

  10. MsLibertyforall100 Says:

    The corporate media is full of propaganda and lies. This is the reason I canceled my cable tv. Tired of watching garbage!

  11. tschumm Says:

    Man that lady is such a witch

  12. APRtunedAudi Says:


    Haha sucker! For future purchases try Midas Resources or Gainesville Coin. Great price and short lead times.

  13. josephlathus Says:

    @Howtocaricature lmfao

  14. Howtocaricature Says:

    Damn I bought from GOldline!

  15. iam4u2cl8er Says:

    Nothing pisses me off more than these stupid news stations that bring people on to talk and cut them off mid-sentance….Dont let them speak…Why have them on if you wont let them talk? Peter Schiff needs hours to talk …he rules!

  16. Magnum3579 Says:

    He sold not his physical Gold! – Only special shares.

  17. llothar68 Says:

    George Soros and Waren Buffet start selling there gold yesteray 14/Nov/2010.
    The crisis is over guys.

  18. rothlis18 Says:

    The world has stopped financing THE USA

  19. bsg005 Says:

    “I don’t have to explain it, I’ll let Bernanke explain it.”

  20. michielma Says:

    Main stream waking up from their long winter-sleep??

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