Personal Property Foreclosure Auction 1 of 150000.

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A typical day selling personal property from a foreclosed home in So. California over 150000 homes in foreclosure many contained abandoned furniture and personal property. #1 Auction Team in So. California We currently conduct over 1000 auctions per year. 34 years experience. Dan and Laura Dotson American Auctioneers (800) 838 SOLD (7653)

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  1. theauctionguydan Says:


    Thanks Man,

    You might want to check out w.storagetreasures. com for auctions all over the U.S. and Canada

    Dan Dotson, Auctioneer
    w.americanauctioneers. com

  2. danplasma Says:

    awesome auctioneer voice! where can I find out about local and national auctions such as this Dan?
    thanks Sir

  3. theauctionguydan Says:

    Thats the best compliment I could ever recieve. Thanks and happy bidding

    Dan Dotson, Auctioneer

    “Storage Wars” on A&E every Wed 10/9c

  4. 7948091 Says:


  5. theauctionguydan Says:

    The reason auctioneers talk so fast is because this method of selling can produce large amounts and quantities of goods to be sold in a short period of time at a true valued price. This rapid comunication promotes a certain urgent nature to the sale and ultimatly gains more money for our goods and clients. I hope I have answered your question.

    Dan Dotson, Auctioneer

  6. 22brigid Says:

    Why do auctioneers talk so un-understandably fast? I mean, what’s the point?

  7. straydoggio Says:

    This video was a pretty fascinating insight in to how such things are dealt with – thanks.

  8. theauctionguydan Says:

    English Auctioneers are definatly different than American Auctioneers. To me, English Auctioneers, although professional are dry and boring, American Auctioneers seem to have more flair and energy, This energy seems to work for me. Some folks like yourself may be attracted to the dull and boring. what you call dignified I find dull and depressing, not to insult you, some people are just easily confused and need more time to think about whats going on around them.
    Dan Dotson, Auctioneer

  9. AJuner78 Says:

    Not to insult you or your job as an Auctioneer. I have certainly participated in my fair share of Ebay activity both buying and selling. The only live auction that I have been to I bought an 80 acre property at. And there too, it was this annoying blabber which is degrading. really. When I think of Auctions I think of the show “Cash in the Attic” from the UK. Something with dignity.
    Actually I would consider a live Auction over dealing with a real estate agent anyday.

  10. theauctionguydan Says:

    It is really not pointless, you are entitled to your opinion. This is how my Mother and Grandfather did it..
    You must be going to the other guys auctions, You have probably never seen a real auctioneer before, so instead of being a hater, open your ears and be a listener, you might just learn something. Dan Dotson, Auctioneer

  11. AJuner78 Says:

    what is with the blabber/pointless fast talking? What a turn off.

  12. theauctionguydan Says:

    Only when I’m scared good to hear from ya Jacob,

  13. JacobPayton78 Says:

    jeez dan can ya talk a little faster.
    -jacob p.

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