Personal Finance & Investing : How to Become a Day Trader

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Becoming a day trader involves setting aside money to invest, and sitting down with other traders to learn the craft. Become a day trader, but only invest with money that one is prepared to lose, with tips from afutures and options floor trader in this free video on personal finance. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures …

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  1. yoGOES Says:

    currency trading? how did you start? what courses or books did you read? send me a message nobody can give me a straight answer

  2. DaytradeMillionaire Says:

    Nice Post mate 🙂 Check out my channel, Ill try to become Millionaire in one year by Daytading and post dayly updates.


  3. clockworkorange1986 Says:

    can you tell me where you learned all this? any books you can recommend? I want to get into this.

  4. drewpoh Says:

    what? a degree? man you don’t need no degree, I left high school when i was 16, not that i was failing i just hated school. Tradings not that hard, just requires discipline.

  5. davidlikehockey Says:

    Well, it all pays off at the end:).
    I just don’t understand why a degree in Math or MBA is needed to become a Trader.

  6. drewpoh Says:

    well the 2 guys i know have been trading 7 years other guys been trading 5 years

  7. davidlikehockey Says:

    $10,000 a day? how many years experience do I need to make that much?

  8. drewpoh Says:

    like i think on average like $200usd/day so like $73k i guess, still a relatively new trader so in comparison to other traders i trade with, not much, a few i trade with make $2k/day minimum, to about $10k/day, just depends on how big your account is, the idea is to build up your account.

  9. davidlikehockey Says:

    I know it’s rude to ask, but how much do you make on average a year?

  10. drewpoh Says:

    on if your a good trader that is. I personally trade forex (as a day trader), never traded stocks b4 but I love trading forex its the best job ever.

  11. imortaldraco2002 Says:

    very helpful i am just starting out and this video help me get a better mind set that i should be in thank you.

  12. davidlikehockey Says:

    Traders make A LOT of money, way more than medical doctors.

  13. darrensurrey Says:

    The sad thing is, most newbies will ignore this advice. The mythical 95%, I expect. 😉

  14. kylekahning Says:

    it is good to know that ” Don’t expect to get rich quickly.”

  15. stevenperry209 Says:


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