Pearse Budget Speech – first ten minutes

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Newly elected TD and Sinn Féin spokesperson on Finance Pearse Doherty delivers the party’s response to Budget 2011 in the Dáil. In it he outlines Sinn Féin’s alternative and tackles head on heckling from Minister Mary Coughlan and the Gombeen politicians who are supporting the budget for their own selfish interests. (This is the first 10 minutes of a 40 minute speech)

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  1. LarryFogarty Says:

    pearse ta tu ceart

  2. AnnoyingBeast Says:

    id love it if pearse got onto one of the debates on television, he’d wipe the floor with them.

  3. cormac71 Says:

    everything he said was all correct, taking money from the poor/middle class when they are struggling to survive but they dont care, all their care about is themselves as they are overpaid and will be getting an oversized pension while the middle class people are losing more money. Vòtàil Sinn Fèin they will fix the country not in the next turn. Imagine if some of the great Irish republican leaders came back and seen the state of country they offereed their lives for, the would surly be ashamed

  4. javiey444 Says:

    wow hey guys … im an american and the way he was talking was sincere… i didnt really know what was going on and i feel for you …. i hope thing turn out ok and i hope hope them fucks quiet trying to screw you guys.. .i got ya back 100%

  5. summerbaybelle Says:

    totally irrelevant but for a politician he is nice looking!

  6. summerbaybelle Says:

    @JumpingGrasshoppers ye i applaude him for that, cant stand her, as a woman I would love to see more women in politics but not useless shite like her.

  7. summerbaybelle Says:

    Loooove when pearse addresses mary what a legend!!

  8. summerbaybelle Says:

    @LordSkullCrusher Pearse Dorothy is completely innocent and deserves a chance to make a change, he cares a lot more then the old scum we have down south!

  9. summerbaybelle Says:

    How rude is it that as soon as he started to talk loads of them left! He spoke the most sense!

  10. uarecheap Says:

    @MrPain331 Your from Vietnam!!! Why do you care about Irish politics? Fuck off and keep out of our business. It’s people like you that want me to vote for Sinn Fein even more.

  11. Breslima Says:

    This is a well argued brilliant passionate speech. This young newly elected Representative spoke in the clear no nonsense terms language of the ordinary person. Makes a refreshing change. Maith an fear Pearse. You got my First Preference and you will get it again come the general election!

  12. shanemcglashan Says:

    Vote Sinn fein..Nice to hear a little passion….Anybody with a brain would vote Sinn Fein..Forget the rest,there all a shower of clannish fuckers and detest Sinn Fein..There biggest fear is the fact that they know Sinn Fein are growing stronger..So let those other worthless pricks walk out of the Dail..Spread the word all you Sinn Fein Folk ….Lets make this party grow and then have a mad party ourselves after..Fuck Cowen the Swamp Monster.

  13. phoenix1916 Says:

    @MrPain331 WTF when did i say i supported the Omagh bombing u idiot what are u talking about, do u support Bloody Sunday, get a grip u inane twat!

  14. MrPain331 Says:

    @phoenix1916 So you support the Omagh bombing? Sinn Fein have played a part in protecting the killers who commited the atrocity and have protected other killers of innocent, they took a stand as like Fianna Fail, the IRA simply couldn’t give up the power of fear they had over communities in the North. and as for honesty from Sinn Fein? don’t get me started, they can’t even be honest about where they buried the innocent people they killed

  15. phoenix1916 Says:

    @MrPain331 LOl ur a prick, the people like Bobby Sands who took a stand against British imperialism and aggression in the North are of the same ilk as Pearce Connolly and Tone…The Greens are damned and rightly so for presiding over the downfall of our country..good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  16. MrPain331 Says:

    @phoenix1916 Green party?

  17. MrPain331 Says:

    @phoenix1916 Sinn Fein were the polical arm of the IRA who killed protestants for being protestants aka GENOCIDE (regardless of what the UVF done, who are also scum, it doesn’t change the fact people iconnected with Sinn Fein took part in this slaughter), while the people who engaged in the civil war are gone, the people who took part in the troubles are not and are still present at the head of Sinn Fein

  18. joeycusack80 Says:

    Look at all those Scumbags walking out while Pearse is making his speech. These bastards view the Irish population as Cows to be milked.

  19. waterlily223 Says:

    @AnnoyingBeast I thought the very same myself, my family and I were sitting watching this and we were so annoyed that they all got up to leave when he started to talk. We all decided in that moment to vote Sinn Fein

  20. Declanwalsh1 Says:

    Great speech! I’m voting Sinn Féin on the 11th of March.

  21. Declanwalsh1 Says:

    Great speach! Im voting Sinn Fein on the 11th of March.

  22. MegaDoc16 Says:

    A newly elected TD who knows what public pain is, who realises the disgust at the acts that have been carried out in our country, and a younger generation of elected representative who won’t fall for the sweetness unlike others. A fitting and applausable speech depicting our anguish. Thank You Deputy Doherty.

  23. biskalero Says:

    pearse doherty tells the truth , gobeen politicians is dead on ….. go raibh mile maith agat

  24. biskalero Says:

    @WARDE2000 ME TOO this government is a fucking disgrace , sorry for the language but thats the only word i can find….

  25. micmalon Says:

    vote this up if u tink this is unreal

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