Operation repo #105 – two timer

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  1. SuperFerrarigto Says:

    @IzzYandPalpro i don’t think she have other cloths

  2. joe1977poland Says:

    lies, lies, lies…. what a whore. as a penalty I would go back home and fuck the shit out of her until next day and then buy her a wheelchair!
    fucking cocksucker!

  3. goviveksingh Says:

    Lesson learnt: don’t marry mexican women :/ JK 🙂

  4. nitaboo008 Says:

    he finna kick her a** wen he cum bac

  5. archetype001 Says:

    Vote for Pedro!
    Vote for Pedro!

  6. MrFilth1984 Says:

    @IzzYandPalpro she pobably had it custom made that bitch is fuckin fat and ugly…

  7. Sicc7H8te Says:

    Sonia Looks Like Those Fat SEA LION’s with Tusk that just lay On The Beach and Fight

  8. Yuutinsiikun87 Says:

    “She probably likes Mexicans, and I’m available” haha! Ur funny froy

  9. tuugfo Says:

    nobody on this show knows anything about cars

  10. GTChampiro Says:

    Is Sonia married to Hagrid?

  11. jojosharukhishier Says:


  12. marilyn007manson1 Says:

    @CopsClips She looks like a boar to me lol

  13. redmercadesbenz Says:

    froy is cool guy like me, we both not different. but the point im trying to make is when men/women are single, one can screw around as much as ones mind desires(considering consequences). but when one gets married, they should stay committed and not pull this cheating shit behind someones back.

  14. redmercadesbenz Says:

    it doesn’t matter if dating goes lasts for 2 days or goes on for 10 years. but after getting married, cheating should not even cross ones mind. ITS JUST WRONG

  15. redmercadesbenz Says:

    i dont care if your wife is hot or not, but if one gets married then that should send a message that he/she is ur man/woman and u have to live life with him/her till the end happy, if not then cut the guy/girl off when ur dating. as soon as u get married, it is a commitment to being responsible. but fuck, that is what dating is for. dating is there to get to know the guy or girl better to see what they are like. but cheating after getting married is wrong.

  16. AzKrElTejon Says:

    Hey! Is Sonia like 25 months pregnant?!
    I’m just asking!

  17. MRB16th Says:

    She likes Mexicans, and I’m available – classic. Janine is so screwed.

  18. Wilkinsj Says:

    @JohnMorrisonFan22 no i do too

  19. Mrfdsa1 Says:

    if they are going to deforce after this mark gets all the money she cheated on him.
    sorry for the bad language i used probaly but i am dutch and i am not good in englisch

  20. ThePower2112 Says:

    adultery??? well shes hot your fucking not

  21. ThePower2112 Says:

    dont insult the pig…

  22. kotsosman Says:

    @CopsClips she was married to froy…. i guess he is blind.

  23. Mr0KKK0 Says:


  24. gtp77 Says:


    LOL so by labeling yourself you’re remaining an individual? HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  25. gwehabana Says:

    @gtp77 hahaha the reason why i label my self is coz i know that i will never become a vicitm of society that just listens to what they are told you dumbass

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