Online Student Loan Finance

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Practically 99% of the students in the UK have got online student loan finance from DirectGov. 



They offer a maximum student tuition fee loan of £3,225 and a maximum student maintenance loan of about £3500.


Seems like the obvious way to go right? After the fiasco that happened this year, people aren’t so sure anymore.


If it is possible for you to get a grant through the government, through low income/disability etc, then stop reading and get to DirectGov! A free £2996 a year is worth maybe waiting a couple of extra months or so for!


Everyone else, carry on reading.


If it’s affordable and you are unsure about getting online student loan finance from the Government, you could always borrow the money off your parents. You wont have to worry about late student loan payments coming through each couple of months as well, either to pay off the university or your student accommodation. Also, most student accommodations give some sort of discount (e.g. 5%) for students that pay for the whole year instead of quarterly… That’s about £250 saved!


If you decide to go it alone for your first year, but then panic that you won’t be able to get student finance in the future if needed, don’t worry! Getting online student loan finance from the government is just as easy in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th year etc as it is in the 1st year.


Just as a heads up: After what has happened this year with the government student loans being delayed etc, I am pretty confident that the major UK banks will start offering online student loan finance for the next academic year soon..


Check back for a comprehensive guide here once all the major banks announce they are diversifying into online student loan finance! 



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