Online marketing with an E Newsletter

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One very popular internet marketing strategy is to publish and distribute an e-newsletter on a regular basis.  E-newsletters are essentially emails that might contain content, graphics, links and subtle forms of advertising.  In general e-newsletters should be educational in nature and useful to the recipient but should also serve some form of selling purpose too.  This text will examine e-newsletters and explain how they can be employed effectively as a marketing strategy.

The first item to consider when attempting using an e-newsletter as a promotional strategy is the distribution list for the e-newsletter.  This is vital because you need to make certain you are distributing your e-newsletter to recipients who will be interested in your products and services and will probably view the e-newsletter as rewarding rather than viewing it as spam.  Using deceptive strategies to harvest e-mails and sending out your e-newsletters blindly to a giant audience isn’t a good marketing strategy.  This method is not profitable for two reasons.  Most significantly this type of methodology doesn’t help you to reach your target audience.  You may reach some members of your target market by accident but aren’t sure to reach a large population of this intended audience.

Additionally, sending your e-newsletter unsolicited to a huge audience with no real interest in your services and products will possibly result in your e-newsletter being viewed as spam.  This will have more serious implications than simply being a wasted effort.  Particularly, recipients of your e-newsletter may block your email or perhaps report you to their net service provider as a spammer.  This can have damaging implications like loss of business or even tougher penalties.

A smarter way to establish a distribution list for your e-newsletter is to set up a forum for interested future clients to register to get extra information from you.  This will include registering with your web site online and requesting to be added to your email distribution list or providing an email address and requesting further info in some other demeanour.  Sending your e-newsletter to recipients who have specifically requested more info[rmation] is a brilliant idea because these web users are[ already] interested by your products and are probably going to appreciate the e-newsletter instead of viewing it as spam.

The content of your e-newsletter should be considered next.  This will include the particular copy contained [with]in the e-newsletter as well as graphics, links and advertisements.  Keeping direct advertising to a minimum is good but it is alright to use soft advertising methodologies to pimp your products.  The copy in your e-newsletter should judicious information that will be useful to your readers.  You may need to include objective articles, product reviews or shorter articles containing useful tips.  Links to your own website or to other websites which could be of use to your target market may also be included.  These links may come in the form of direct advertisements or the links could be embedded in the copy of the e-newsletter when acceptable.

If you plan to make use of an e-newsletter to promote your products, you should envisage hiring a professional writer to create the content for your website.  This could help to make sure you are providing your readers with top high value content.  Likewise if you intend to incorporate graphics you need to have a graphic designer assist you to ensure your e-newsletter looks professionally put together.

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