Online Marketing Video Changes Marketing On The Internet

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I was watching a video yesterday of a young network marketer and it showed perfectly how to create a powerful online marketing video without any special effects and for free. He put his personality into the video and it was fun to watch and his enthusiasm was very catching. It was a perfect example how to create a powerful message in few minutes and then spread it all over the internet fast and extremely efficiently. And the best part was that it didn’t look like an online marketing video at all!

To put it mildly online marketing video has taken off like a wildfire online. I know that sounds like a clich©, but it has truly been a revolution in online marketing. As video technology is getting better and easier to access every online marklibeeter can use video to market their business. However, as video gets more used it also means that marketers have to put more effort and imagination to capture viewer’s interest.

Here are 5 tips how to get your marketing message across with online marketing video:

1. Before making your video think what is your vision and what you are aiming for with that particular video. Every video and article you publish should support your long term business goals.

2. Always use a call to action in your videos. There’s no point talking for 5 minutes and leave the viewer wondering what was the whole point. You should always have a call to action at the end of your video.

3. Use a story as that really draws viewer in and you get their full attention. People love stories. It doesn’t have to be a long saga, but just a short snapshot that you can somehow blend into your message.

4.Personality. There is enough bland commercial videos and most people are so educated as consumers that if you try to sell them something point blank your message is a lost cause. Be authentic and transparent. It can be scary, but with practise it becomes easier.

5.Use testimonials. Hearing from other people has always been one of the most powerful marketing methods there is. However, just remember to be truthful in everything that you do. Current regulations are very strict regarding testimonials so use real, truthful testimonials.

You should always use video as well as article marketing to boost you as an authority in your field. That creates trust and people like to buy from those who know their business and who are known to be honest and truthful. ‘How To videos are great in creating that authority.

Creating videos is a superb way to build your list and create trust. It can be bit overwhelming to start, but just be natural and you will learn along the way. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get going and start creating videos. Use technology to spread them all over the net and those videos will start creating traffic to your site that lasts for a long time. And the best part is that it is free marketing.

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