OccupyWallstreet gets powerful boost from Unions

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Just under three weeks a movement started by a dozen college students has grown into a full fledged mainstream movement with full media attention and joined in rank and file by Organized labor and community groups. The growth has been fueled by Internet and Social Media.

Today’s rally at Tom Foley square was met with throngs of Union workers chanting ” We are 99 percent, so are you”. The unions have given a powerful credibility to the Occupywallstreet movement where an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 people participated in a peaceful march waving signs and banners. The crowd was mixed and chanted anti-Wallstreet slogans with tons of cameras and media in attendance at the rally. But sooner or later NYPD started charging protesters with batons as you can see in this video. We cannot attested the timing of the video

Initially US media aligned itself with Wall Street and the rich and powerful elite, ignored any and all coverage of this group. But at this point the media has to cover this story or risk losing readers and credibility. However spotty the coverage may have been, some in the media have dogged these protesters and even attacked them saying they lack a clear cut message or they are just plain old trouble makers without a genuine cause. You wonder if this media is unbiased or has chosen sides ?

The fact is none of it is true. This an educated American elite from Ivy league colleges and Universities on whom a back breaking recession and economic inequality has played a cruel game. High unemployment, increasing wealth disparity has hit them hard. They don’t have jobs, careers and debts and loans. These people are unable to join the society as adults and live the American dream. They have had enough in the last three years.

Wall street on the hand has manage to hoard all the wealth where just a handful of people and big banks have accumulated all the marbles. The social and economic inequality is almost transparent between these groups. 

Just one percent of the population has all the wealth there and balance of them none. Its should be remembered it was Wall Street which led the  2008 recession that has failed to cure under President Obama’s leadership. Unable to deliver a working economy, and fix the problems of wealth distribution, people have cried out and have finally taken to streets.

The movement has spread to all major American cities and solidarity marches have taken place in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New Mexico.

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