Occupy Wallstreet protesters evicted, but you can’t evict an idea

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You can evict protesters, but you can’t evict an idea

This week Mayors of Portland Oregon, Oakland, California and New York descended on the Occupy Wall street protesters and cleared up encampments and tents and tossed their possessions into dumpster trucks. The onslaught appears to be well orchestrated and strategic in nature. Other cities are about to follow suit and looks like Los Angles and Nashville are just nearing the same fate.

Politicians and Officials have gleaned at the power developing among these protests and Occupy movement across the country and how the collective will of people dominating the politics of these debt ridden cities. They find themselves alone and ready to do something. Its about how they feel when they find their problems sitting squarely in front of their eyes everyday when they come to office, and makes them feel abject failures and worthless demagogues.

The Cities are bankrupt, have no money and can not even support their own populace. A number of social programs have been cut and agencies closed. A growing crowd of homeless and un-sheltered have drifted towards the Occupy Wall Street camps and withered these times by getting donated food and supported by volunteer kitchens. For some folks this has been their survival on the streets. But as civic and law minded these elected officials are, they are trigger happy to bring down the baton on anyone slightly obstructing their territory and specially their turf, the City Hall which embodies their power and authority. Its their Palace.

But if history is any guide, these non violent, peaceful and grass roots movements run deep in the society. Their roots are anger, discontent and feelings of hopelessness among the dejected masses. Not everyone goes to the Park and sings a protest song, nor does every grandma stand on the street corner waving a protest sign. It’s within the population that the idea for change and sense of injustice that prevails. Its something inherent inside public’s mind and it cannot be tarnished and destroyed. It can only be facilitated by means of change. Physical eviction is not an option when the discontent stays in the public’s mind.

Movements like Occupy Wall street and others are supported by a deep sense of anger and frustration over economic situations and bad times and a prolonged recession and they need not convince anyone about their merits, they are already embraced by millions of people who may not physically occupy City Hall and face Police batons. These self generated movements can take down giants, and the relative implementation of force by a few hundreds Police in riots gears can not stop or erase the collective will of the people.

Most notably, it is the Mayor of America’s largest city who find himself at odds with these protesters and is a staunch backer of Wall Street Titans and conducted a raid  to stamp out this group from New York City. He further fails to grasp how enormous this problem is for his city and his own political career. Power washing Zuccotti Park won’t clean the germs sowed deep inside human minds and spirits. These ideas for change and sense of economic inequality cannot be power washed and collected in a dumpster truck and taken to New York landfills. It isn’t going to happen by any measure of force. Its the sedated feeling of power that these politicians enjoy in thinking we have administered the law to get back to normal times. But this is not business as usual. This is a shattering economy and breakdown of leadership.

Do these Mayors ever come up for elections? Yes they do. They will be tossed in the garbage can just the way they tossed Occupy Wall Street folks. Yes these Occupy Wall Street people vote and a vote from an dejected electorate is an angry vote that will toss them out of office just the same. Those days are not far off. This is an election year and lot is riding for these politicians. They are politically vulnerable, their opponents ready to switch roles in a heartbeat.

The angry electorate vastly outnumbers few such men as simple as that. People are angry about jobs, a broken economy, and an economic structure that favors the rich and greedy, and sucks the wealth in the hands of just a few handful.

So what will these politicians achieve by conducting raids and power washing Occupy wall street encroachments? Will they be able to inject new voters who would gladly embrace their heavy handed use of Police and return favors by voting them for another term ? I doubt it very much. You would be surprised to see how many these seasoned politicians return to occupy their seats next year. They may not be around when people have spoken.

The media has been no friend to the Occupy wall street movement either. Regularly stamping out stories and under reporting the events on major Television and newspapers. Newspapers ? Does anybody buys newspaper these days? They cost too much and they have a silly habit of showing up a day late on your door step. Everyone has switched gears and on to Social Media, Twitter, Face book and You tube, and many others, where online news are generated on the fly and at a moments notice by people who are following these movements. There is no escape from that scrutiny.

The media has tried its level best to discredit Occupy Wall Street protest from the git go. It has sought to sabotage the movement from early days by not reporting it. The old hack is to discredit the protesters, tell them to take a shower, clean up, cut their hairs, and than write something obscene. These are the same people here who worship money and court greed to the fullest.

Had it not been for these Greedy and money lusting pythons, this country would have been prospering like others. We would not be struggling with bills to pay and losing homes to foreclosures. This is the evil whose time has come and it needs to be evicted one way or the other.

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