Occupy Wall Street Plans Massive Port Blockade

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By Dantanner


Occupy Wall street is gearing up for a massive port blockades from Alaska to Seattle Washington, to Oakland, CA, Los Angeles and San Diego on Dec 12, 2011. The call for action has gone out to massive number of protesters who have been evicted from these cities last 4 weeks. In a major show of force the protesters want to strike back by crippling the trade arteries of West Coast USA and also including port city of Houston Texas where a similar protest is planned.

FinanceMoz has confirmed these actions in the weeks preceding today and the chatter is abuzz on all Social Media platform. There will be live feeds and action all through out the day.

Because of the massive nature of ports and spread out routes it will be fairly impossible to block all the routes and stop the flow of commerce on Monday December 12, 2011. Some of the large ports like Los Angeles and Oakland will perhaps the see the most action. The area at Los Angeles port is so massive, that it may not be possible to cover all the grounds and there will be routes open and available for the traffic from and to the ports.

Some of the Unions have refused to participate in the blockade including Longshoreman Union, but they promised not to cross the picket lines. The Teamster Union is on board with Occupy Wall Street and the the situation remains fluid with nonconforming reports on Social Media.

Oakland perhaps will be the center stage and a hotbed of activity as you remember its lay out and easy access from 7th Street Bart Station is just a mile or so where protesters can easily walk and stage a blockade. Oakland port was blocked shut on November 2, 2011 with massive number of protesters streaming into the gates.

“The objective of the day is to shut down the port through mass action,” said Mike King who acts as a media liaison for Occupy Oakland. “The Occupy movement is attacking the 1 percent at their point of profit.” The Police on the other hand is not disclosing any tactics and how they will counter the blockade attempts. There is has been no confirmed responses from any Police Departments even late Sunday evening.

The Occupy wall Street protesters have been lately evicted from every city and they plan to come back in greater numbers and complete a major event to vindicate those actions. By closing the trading arteries of West Coast they intend to send a chilling message to the people in power and specially local politicians who have used heavy handed tactics to suppress them. The battle is far from over as success of the movement depends on making definite changes to the systems in place.

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