Occupy Wall Street goes Global via Social Media

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Occupywallstreet marches drew solidarity worldwide from marchers in Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, London, Manila and many more cities worldwide railing against banks, corporate greed, and demanding economic equality an justice. The protest spread like wild fires in debt ridden and troublesome spots on the globe. These place were  burning from decades of economic suppression and inequality, and it just added fuel to the fire.

Social Media played a significant role in the global message that knows no bounds across continents and countries. Its a truly amazing way, Twitter , Face book , Fan pages , YouTube videos, and Live streams empowered protesters in its first ever global revolution. According to tech president Occupywallstreet movement has doubled in past eight days. It further adds “ On Meetup.com/OccupyTogether, where the OccupyTogether folks shifted their efforts, the number of communities represented has also doubled in the last 8 days, from 945 to 1,749. The number of “occupiers” listed as having joined one of those Meetups has tripled, from just under 4,000 to about 12,300. So, while the Meetup platform is lagging the Occupy network on Facebook, it appears to be gaining something of a foothold and bears watching”.

Social media is now reaching people and changing point of views and allocating social and global changes. The impact of Social Media on today’s movement will be far more reaching as more people join in after their contacts have joined in or read about the news. Its a viral effect that multiplies without much input from participants. Hardly any marketing channels are needed.

Print Media meanwhile has become obsolete and irrelevant. Twitter, Face book, YouTube delivers the content much more efficiently and in real time without lag or editorial revisions. Its peer to peer constant contact without revenues, royalties and fees and restrictions as dictated in the news media.

The Global revolution which is now in early stages, has reached people all across five continents. All the demonstrations were peaceful except Rome where 100,000 people showed up and the “ indignant ones” tore through Police barriers and burned cars and violence broke out. About 4000 people marched in Berlin and demonstrated against banks. In London Julian Assange spoke to a group of protesters decrying the corrupt practices. Sydney also participated in the protests and people camped out in front of major banks. There were protests in Manila where demonstrators shouted anti-capitalism slogans. Most of the marches were peaceful, and so far without many arrests. The New York rally would end in Times Square and about 10,000 people and unions will be participating.

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