Occupy Wall Street gathers momentum and growing

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Occupy Wall Street gathers momentum and growing

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson , U.S. President

What started two weeks ago as a sit in and Occupy Wall Street has now grown into a social movement and shows no signs of withering. There have been tough times for the movement and initially the US media hunkered down in New York City, completely ignored the events hoping it will die off its own death without their participation and support. Police brutality last weekend also hurt several members and and about 80 people were arrested and put in jail. But this has only energized the Occupy Wall street movement and its protesters, who are seemingly filled with determination and zest to beat all odds and have shown considerable staying power. The pepper spray video by Police on a group of defenseless females have gone viral on the Internet and has been carried by the International press and media.

Protest on Wall Street

US Media’s coverage

US media has shown total callousness towards the protesters and without showing any sympathy and has linked them as bongo bashing hippies or nutcases who don’t want to work and get a job. Whatever little coverage there was, it has been derisive. It was an attempt to smear and discount the crowd assembled few blocks from Wall Street at Zuccotti park. Even the left wing press has been ignoring it.

America’ Educated Elite

The truth is what you are seeing here is America’s educated elite minus the jobs battered in this horrendous recession out of college with little or no future taking to the street demanding their rights and asserting their voices to address a system that has gone so wrong. To make things worse a a well entrenched monopolized US media is hellbent on protecting the rich and powerful interests on the Wall Street. Its a traditional battle between the young and idealist vs the establishment that has impoverished them and rest of the country.


But as the the days have gone by and the protesters stayed course, celebrities like Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon and Phil Cornell have come in to support the Occupy Wall street movement. This has given a huge mark of credibility. Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and others have showed up at Zuccoti park and expressed solidarity.

Influence of Social Media

The advent of Twitter and Face book spread the word to millions around the world and completely by passed the usual gatekeepers of traditional inkwells who now own idling print presses. The movement gained lots of online support in the US and Internationally. This week, solidarity marches have sprung up in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. With the constant humdrum from laptops and cell phone devices plugged into Twitter, Face book and You Tube just a bunch of kids have shocked the rest of the media into realizing if they don’t print their story their own credibility would come under fire and make them totally obsolete. So they have slowly started writing about them. Now you see stories back dated by prominent rags and online newspapers arms of traditional media and accounts printed and spun with references to the past as if they have been covered all along.

Major Unions Supporting Occupy Wall Street.

Despite the media blackout OWS solidarity has been spreading to other cities and similar marches taking place. The Air Line Pilots Association has supported the movement , Transit Workers Union with 34,000 members have joined , Local 100 voted unanimously to support the protests. Several other major political groups , including MoveOn.org and the SEIU, are finally throwing their weight behind the movement. On Friday United Steel Workers with 1.2 million members have issued a press release supporting the movement. With these Unions and community groups behind them the tracks are getting harder to erase and wipe off.


Momentum behind Occupy Wall Street

What drives this movement is the sadness and personal stories of America “ the other 99 percent”. People having to chose between groceries or paying rent, people who can’t find a future once they emerge in labor force and those who are underemployed working for nothing. Behind the despair and sadness there is anger, anger towards the 1% elite who have received bailouts from Government and drawn multi million dollars bonuses on Wall Street. Wall street may have recovered, and on its way, but the general economy hasn’t recovered. This is combined with weak action for jobs and a stubbornly high unemployment rate of 9.1 percent and President Obama’s inability to fix the economy, the seeping anger in the country has grown, thereby attracting supporters. There is a tankful of raw fuel sitting there in the country waiting to be ignited by any such social movement. The election will be decided on economy and jobs and nothing else in 2012 and this is making Washington and Wall Street very nervous.

The good things is at the end of the day, Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have to convince anyone or rest of the country anything, we already know what has happened we’ve already suffered.

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