Obama’s job ratings sink to new lows

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When politicians ride a bus tour there is something desperate about it. From the lofty corners of White house to a dirt road with bumps and grinds and than into the hard to reach deep rurals areas, there is got to be some urgency or a sense of desperation.

President Obama’s ratings sank to fresh new lows at 39% percent, as more Americans got pessimistic about their futures and finances. The hard debate on deficit reduction and debt ceiling and subsequent US credit downgrade for the first time in history has taken its toll on the President’s job approval ratings. His approval ratings are all time low and signals a weak Presidency with millions of supporters gone or sitting inactive.

He keeps saying ” I am pretty frustrated, I feel your frustration” but is that news to us Mr. President? We all have been frustrated for the last 3 years in case you havn’t noticed or heard. He further says “You’ve got to send a message to Washington that it’s time for the games to stop, it’s time to put country first”. “If you can do the right thing, then folks in Washington have to do the right thing,” the president said.

Well may be..

President still blames George Bush that he inherited nations problem, he still thinks he has nothing to do with it despite the fact being at the helm for last 3 years and almost 75% into his term. He keeps talking how we can turn the economy and there is a whole host of ideas that he can bring and magically the jobs will show up again. He sounds very eloquent behind a teleprompter but look at his record what has been done in the last 3 years and you judge him on that.

The fact still remains he has attempted 100s of things at the same time, but completed nothing. A multi-tasking blackberry punching techonologically savvy politican is a Minimalst by nature. He gets great ideas, starts each task and leaves it half way to move on to the next great idea. At the end of the day nothing get done,and nothing happens to show results. His job creation has been a hit or miss love affair where he means well yet seems not to focus on anything, and the job market remains a hell to bear.

The growing field of Republican challengers is getting bigger everyday, they are hitting him from every corner and appealing to the disgruntled voters. Now there are three front-runners Rick Perry, Michele Bachman and Mitt Romney. It wont surprise anyone  if a democratic challenger shows up and takes on the President from his own party as a weak President at less than 40% ratings is political game anytime. These poll numbers will sinking further maybe to low 30s or 20s.

President Obama’s bus tour underscores one thing: Election season is here and no matter how weak the President is, he is still focused on his job, and not yours.

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