Obama on single payer health insurance

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Obama on single payer health insurance

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  1. MrSuperpunch019 Says:

    Con artist mother fucker can bail out the banks yet when it comes to helping the people he takes a big shit on them.

    Fuck you obama.

  2. britmantx Says:

    there might be a chance universal health sneaks back in when Pelosi, Read and Obama merge the two bills, not much of a chance, but these are not easy times. So much oppistion from the Republican’ts, it’s a wonder any change got through. They must be out of money and will shut up eventually. Ron Paul is even OLDER than McCain, shit, the Teabag Talibans will be digging up leaders next. Wonder if Paul will have Sara Palin at his side too.

  3. ThandiNC Says:


    That is the problem with these Faux-Constitutionalist: they want to pretend that our founding fathers were some deities that did not breathe the same oxygen you and I breathe. That the could foreseen all things in the future, that they were omnipotent to a point that any challenge to their assumptions is seen as blasphemy by those on the right. In fact, if the founding fathers were so infallible, why all the amendments to the constitution?

  4. ThandiNC Says:


    This of Obama as Mr Incrementalist (or Mr. Inch To The Goal). To the dimwitted like you he is abandoning those, to the wise, he knows that those are part of the final deal but the issues he’s bagged now are important steps towards that goal.

  5. freddymagick Says:

    I don’t went the government to bail out companies let them rise and fall on their own. also we need term limits on congress and the senate 3 terms and out for congress and 2 terms and out for the senate.

  6. HypnoToad72 Says:

    freddymagick – so why does the government bail out companies and banks that screw over their customers and employees? Why reward them with tax breaks, “government subsidy”, and other bennies for offshoring and other things?

    Indeed, mutlinational corporations, they have no loyalty to America so why do they get even a penny, regardless of reason, from the American taxpayer?

    Corporate kings blame welfare queens.

  7. MrSuperpunch019 Says:

    You’re answer is the same as all the other right wing retards. Indistinguishable from all the thr white wing racist nut jobs.

    I acutally do plan on leaving this country. A country that looks at some document written 200 years ago as if it’s some document written by god has no future.

    China and Asia will have a better future than america unquestionably.

  8. freddymagick Says:

    You are the dumb ass. The only way the Government can save the economy is to stop fucking with private industry. If you want socialism go live in another country.

  9. englanddg Says:

    That’s what you get for listening to the advertising alone when purchasing a product. Obama ran a marketing campaign so powerful, Pepsi changed their logo!

    Regardless, I’d really have thought he and the other Democrats were better than this. I’m conservative, but if they had pushed through a single payer with a tax increase, I’d toss my little “you raised my taxes” tantrum and move on at least comfortable that a greater benefit has been applied for myself, my family, and my neighbors.

  10. whatisbestinlife Says:

    Take back the House? Done.
    Take back the Senate? Done.
    Take back the White House? Done.

    Result? Obama drops single-payer, drops public option. Cuts sweetheart, back-room, deals with Big Pharma and the insurance companies. And under the mandate, forces millions of Americans to buy crappy insurance from those same insurance companies.

    So much for “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In”.

  11. MrSuperpunch019 Says:

    you’re so dumb =/

  12. MrSuperpunch019 Says:

    nice post =)

  13. RUuser Says:

    Keep it goin’, samiemma. You’re not alone.

  14. samiemma Says:

    I voted for Nader. I would rather vote for what I want and not get it, than vote for what I don’t want and get that.
    Obama was a corporate shill from the very first time I heard him in 2004. His record has always reflected that fact.

  15. semone2222 Says:

    Mr President – we elected YOU. Get going.WE WANT CHANGE

  16. Sunsettelevision Says:

    The Postal Service is not government subsidized. The last time the Postal Service received taxpayer money for its operation was 1982

  17. RUuser Says:

    Obama must have never believed that the Dems would win the Presidency, Senate, & House all at the same time.

    Clearly Obama is not living up to these comments. Even Roland Burris united with Bernie Sanders to attempt getting single payer coverage.

    As Prez, Obama didn’t even compromise: he started with the insurance industry plan when Dems supposedly had control.

  18. hadenufnow Says:

    Kill the 3000 pg Illegal “”Tax & Jail”” Trojan Horse Mandate Bill nobody wants..
    Rushed & designed to open door for amnesty which you will be paying for…50 milion “undocumented’ add 52 million uninsured, 60 milion additional NEW Welfare 1st year..will bankrupt system 1000X over..Just do the Math..
    It’s called UNSUSTAINABLE…! By a factor of 1000X…
    Kill the Fecal Bill..
    Vote em out..
    Nobody wants it…


    And yet in the end, he turned out to be just another blue dog corporate tool. Sad.

  20. johnnorvaisas Says:

    Are you crazy medicare does not cover for all your cancer treatment you need to buy a plan to cover the rest.
    And here is another fact for you even though you don’t seem to care about facts medicare is spending more not less then they bring in.
    Ok clueless medicare is going broke DO YOU UNDERSTAND????
    Lets let the government run health care for all opps i’m to stupid to see tha MEDICARE IS GOING BROKE!
    Boy i wish i wast da smart like yones.

  21. eddief60 Says:

    Take back the White house and the senate? From who the people? VOTE THEM OUT

  22. johnnorvaisas Says:


  23. Ethax Says:

    ignoring the inaccurate numbers…you do realize the majority of cancer treatments in the US are paid for by a single-payer system (medicare)? and that private insurance is alive and well in the UK?

  24. ahuj89 Says:

    lol if you haven’t realized that Obama was 100% lying and that he’s nothing but a fantastic marketing strategy generated by bazillions of insurance and finance company dollars you’re an idiot

  25. bartkusa Says:

    Isn’t this video from 2003? Obama never promised single-payer when running for prez.

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