Obama India Journey – Is $200 Million A Day Truly Needed?

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President Obama is taking a working journey to India and nearby nations. This journey is mainly for relationship constructing. The trip has been highly predicted and talked about, though it does not have any major goals. Some, though, are questioning whether this trip is really worth the reported $200 million a day cost.

Obama India trip over-reported expenses

$200 million per day had been what the Obama India trip had been estimated to cost by one Indian news outlet. Though the White House declines to state precisely what the cost of the journey is, it’s likely far below the $200 million per day estimate. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor addressed this India trip cost rumor:

“Due to security concerns, we are struggling to outline details associated with security procedures and costs, but it is safe to say these numbers are wildly inflated.”

Obama India trip planned to interactions could be constructed

Obama’s four-day trip to India is mostly to develop and strengthen relations between the two countries. The U.S. trades about $40 billion a year with the country. Also, a civic nuclear agreement is there between the two countries. India’s foreign minister, Nirupama Rao, addressed Obama’s India trip by saying “We aren’t at a stage in our partnership maybe for an additional big bang, but certainly there could be optimistic outcomes.”

Why a lot is paid for a president to vacation

The Obama India trip will surely cost several million dollars per day. A portion of the White House always has to go with the president when traveling. This is so they can talk about any major issues when on the trip along with making sure they continue working. Security is a main concern when a president goes on a trip which is why it expenses so much. From time to time even, a no faxing payday loans has to be taken out for media to get there too. The Obama India trip is going to be the same amount as usual for an international journey. United States working class individuals don’t have to worry about paying extra.

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