Obama gets a taste of Occupy Wall street

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By Dan tanner

Occupy Wall street protesters turned on President Obama today while he was addressing students in Manchester , New Hampshire. The speech was interrupted with the usual signatory “ Mic Check” a human microphone system developed by Occupy wall street protests around the country. Though the supporting crowd was larger in number they had a hard time drowning the chants of the Occupy protesters and a raucous few moments ensued with the President looking flabbergasted and unsure how to proceed. He was finally able to regain control of the dynamics in the room and diplomatically asserted “families like yours, young people like the ones here today — including the ones who were just chanting at me — you’re the reason that I ran for office in the first place.” Watch the video:

Last weekend First Lady and Jill Biden were booed off at the NASCAR event which they inaugurated. The mood in the country is simple anger, and it shows up time and place. I wonder how the President would like to take his case to the American people on the campaign trail in the coming elections when these disruption have started long before the ball kicks off. Seems like no one is immune to the Mic Check once its starts. Its a powerful technique and clearly upsets the dynamics towards the perpetrators.

Republican candidates and even Ron Paul who supports them was heckled last week. Newt Gingrich also got a Mic Check and closed his speech quickly. Usually the politicians walk away from such encounters gracefully, afraid to suffer humiliation before their own supporters.

Today the President did a good job he stayed the course, and faced his accusers squarely. However this was clearly the first such incident where the President came to get a taste of what other politicians have already experienced lately.

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