NWO UN Bankrupt Argentina

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The UN and NWO had their test run causing Argentina to totally collapse, then take over all their wealth and assets. film – www.youtube.com And keep it hidden from the world whilst it was in progress. The NWO’s MO, is to push all Governments into enormous debt with false promises. Then induce the Governments to sell of all their public assets on the pretense to lower the debt. Then the NWO members buy up these assets; Water, Rail, Transport, Shipping etc then cause the Governments to CONVERT by stealth and giving lies to the people – Become a CORPORATION – This makes it easy for them to take-over the Country; and to control all assets without the need for elections or referendums. Thousands of FARMERS will be thrown of their land when Governments accept the UN NWO Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Policy, which is based on FRAUDULENT CO2 Climate Change. A Climate change the UN and Military is changing by the use of HAARP and Chemtrails. www.youtube.com Report on population control www.youtube.com Argentina’s assets and wealth was all taken over by the Rothschild led banking cartel with Rockefeller, and JC Morgan Chase. KBR and Halliburton group – 43 million Argentinians were thrown into poverty, 5000 CHILDREN STARVED TO DEATH – 13 million peopleLOST THEIR LIFE SAVINGS Banks collapsed, and closed, and BANK ACCOUNTS WERE BLOCKED by the international banking cartel. to help prevent this crime against humanity, PLEASE JOIN OUR FIGHTING FUND SUPPORT GROUP www.cleanairandwater

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  1. jewnassi Says:

    Just love to see these low life spics die horribly. makes me high.

  2. conspiracymedia Says:

    Monsanto ….Yes it is Murder.

  3. badattitude77769 Says:

    @dontpoisonme Excuse me for being cynical, but it truly seems that none of the politicians care because they have been corrupted. Greed and power seems more important to them than the welfare of their own children and grandchildren.

  4. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    “Since the end of WWII, a new kind of war has been born. Sometimes called subversive war or revolutionary war it is different from previous wars because victory doesn’t only imply fighting on a battle field, that way of fighting no longer exists. War is now a mixture of several kinds of actions: political, social, economical, psychological, etc. These actions aim at overthrowing the government of the enemy in order to replace it with another regime.” -Roger Trinquier, Modern Warfare

  5. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    Sadly, p it’s true. They want it all.

  6. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    Thank you G, hopefully more and more people are waking up. Sometimes I have my doubts though, many people I know and work with are asleep, sound asleep.

  7. jmjfanss Says:


    You speak the damn truth here.

  8. phnixlady Says:

    @dynamo400 We are losing more county and school jobs daily, it is just rolling along now in Cali. There is nowhere to turn we considered Wyoming but it costs money to get there !

  9. phnixlady Says:

    Where are all the videos from Iceland? I have a radio interview I recorded, but we should be following their situation. thanks

  10. phnixlady Says:

    @hplaserjet2001 And they wants it all ! grrrrrr

  11. allgoraro Says:

    Should be interesting if this comes to the US.

  12. dynamo400 Says:

    Very scary times ahead of us in all countries globally. The systems collapsing by design and boy its going to hurt, in the UK, 50,000 public sector jobs are going over the next few months, this is what the depression is really about, this is the start of the double dip, a chance for the eliteists to step up a gear.

  13. RenegadeTimes Says:

    @hplaserjet2001 ~ As always your information to reach the people is steadfast and appreciated. More people ARE awake than ever before. It is from the efforts of people such as yourself and the thousands of other’s who care that spread the information.
    Bravo my friend !

  14. RenegadeTimes Says:

    Hal Turner worked for FBI. He has been found out as a plant. totally revealed .
    I still think what is comming is a purposefull financial meltdown / collapse.
    How they want to manipulate the currency or create a new one is unknown to me.

  15. RenegadeTimes Says:

    The UN Charter does NOT resemble the United States constituion. It is the end of national sovereignty. THIS was the plan and IS the plan. Many Americans have no clue as to what they have in store for them. The plan accellerates.

  16. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of one sixth of the land on the Earth’s surface, more than any other individual or nation. This amounts to a total of 6.6 billion acres (27 million km²) in 32 countries.

    37.5% of the Earth is owned by 147 states.

    21% of the Earth is owned by 26 people.

    41% of the Earth is owned by 1% or less of the population on Earth.

    85% of the Earth’s population own nothing.

    Source: Kevin Cahill, “Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership”

  17. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    The Office of Management and Budget reports that the US government will experience deficits of tens of trillions of dollars for the next 70 years.

    Since 2005, Canadian taxpayers paid $350+ billion in interest on the national debt.

    The federal debt grows by $153 million every day.

    By March 31, 2010, Canada’s federal debt will increase to $519.6 billion or $15,000+ for every man, woman and child.

    In just three years (2007-2009), all federal debt repayment in Canada since 1997 was wiped-out.

  18. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    In 2010, the US federal deficit is expected to be $1.6 trillion.

    The US government is overspending by approximately $4.38 billion per day.

    Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has devalued the US dollar by 98+%.

    In 2009, the Federal Reserve engineered 20+ trillion dollar bailouts equaling 40% of the private wealth created in the US since 1776.

    The deficit during October and November 2009 totaled $297 billion or $4.9 billion per day.

  19. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    People are doped up with flouride, prescribed medicine, GMO food, brainwashed by the tel-a-lie-vision, etc so that they are docile and will accept everything they do.

    Wake up, they are doing this to the rest of the world NOW.

    According to a recent Federal Reserve report, the private net worth in the United States (US) is $53.4 trillion. The debt and unfunded liabilities are $120 trillion or $389,610 for every man, woman and child. Dozens of US states are bankrupt.

  20. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    Great video Ed, well said.

    “We are the mirror to look into. The mistake to avoid. Argentina is the waste that remains of a globalized country. We are where the rest of the world is going.” Author Unknown (about the 2001 economic collapse of Argentina)

  21. hplaserjet2001 Says:

    I recommend people watch Fernando Solanas’s documentary, Memoria del Saqueo, about events that led to the economic collapse of Argentina, the increase in poverty to 57.5% & eradication of its middle class. Central to the collapse was the implementation of policies that enabled the theft of billions by foreign banks & corporations. Argentina’s assets/resources were plundered resulting in massive wealth transfers & impoverishment. Sound familiar?

    See my playlist “Argentina’s Economic Collapse.”

  22. valu777 Says:

    Luk 12:7 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

  23. djdarren2056 Says:

    it is only a matter of time.

  24. laurieannek Says:

    Get ready America this stuff is coming here…

    Learn from Argentina..prepare…

  25. mishimoskowitz Says:

    If we could all communicate with each other we could all do something. We’re starting a local group here in Florida. That’s a start. Put our heads together and see what we come up with.

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