Nostalgia Critic (Legendado) – Twister (Parte 1)

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  1. Ulron1 Says:

    Wait…That guy with the glasses was a chick?!

  2. XsaviorofthebrokenX Says:

    I live in Kansas, and trust me, tornadoes are NOT that dramatic.

  3. BeeMan507 Says:

    Holy bat-shit, my 6th grade science teacher made us watch this movie….twice!

  4. icekevinlopes554 Says:

    i wonder if mission impossible 3 had a vilian acting like that

  5. alcibiade666 Says:

    Helen Hunt is hot

  6. Adamguy2003 Says:

    @guysmiley00 No, I just expect it to be a little less cheesy, ESPECIALLY considering it’s at an amusement park in Florida, a state where people who live anywhere near the ocean regularly prepare for “Hurricane Season” in the late summer/ early fall.

  7. guysmiley00 Says:

    @GamerGuy249 Well, to be fair, it’s a lot more complicated than that. If it were as simple as you suggest, prediction would be much more accurate – as it is, the US and Canada still rely on “ground spotters” to verify the presence of a tornado. Hell, we just moved to a new measurement system (the Enhanced Fujita scale) in 2007, so it’s not like this is a dead field.

  8. guysmiley00 Says:

    @Adamguy2003 So, you expect the makers of an amusement park ride for children to rival the level of danger you experienced during a natural disaster?

  9. DoverBroadcasting Says:

    @twooffour “…just can’t compete with the lock that you’d more likely find on a restroom door than the one that’s used to protect your family!”

  10. FroggyQC23 Says:

    4 evil Jonas disliked this video

  11. rejectofsoul24 Says:

    I used to think Dusty was cool…I was a stupid child

  12. rockice55 Says:

    this is why u dont trust the jonas brothers

  13. Adamguy2003 Says:

    This movie was a milestone for me when I first saw it: In spite of how loud it was, it was the first movie that actually made me fall asleep in the theater.
    They actually still have a Twister attraction at Universal Studios Orlando, it sucks big time. I’ve ridden out 2 hurricanes, do they really think I’m gonna be scared of an animatronic cow flying by that I can see the strings on?

  14. ScottLowry41988 Says:

    btw oscar nominated director Todd Field plays Beltzer

  15. ScottLowry41988 Says:

    twister regardless of this review is one of the most entertaining movies ever simply because it’s such a b movie with a million unintentional one liners (My fav “jonas…son of a bitch that’s jonas miller he’s a nightcrawler)

  16. Jellogel Says:

    This movie wasn’t so terrible, I’ve seen much worse, funny review though

  17. twooffour Says:

    what did he say during that door sequence? finishing with “protect your family”?

  18. TheDeathnotegamer Says:


  19. sillygrl23 Says:

    My friends and I got a kick out of the huge mother running like hell to the storm cellar XD


  20. BethGoth15 Says:

    I loved Twister when I was little. It was in a word: Awesome.

  21. animefan0258 Says:

    guys got a great texan accent

  22. MrGamefreak197 Says:

    Where’s my noose!!

  23. petercharleskrug Says:

    “We all started out in the same lab, then Jonas went out and got himself some corprate sponsers.”

    “That son of a BITCH!”

  24. hurricaneomega Says:

    I studied meteorology for a few years in college and we made so much fun of this movie.

  25. futuredirector21 Says:


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