No one owes taxes

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Think you owe taxes? Why, because some politician or bureaucrat told you? Think those same bureaucrats can prove it? This is part of a real phone call with a tax agent with the California Franchise Tax Board in December 2008. “Lori” is typical. No tax agent can prove anyone owes taxes because there is no such thing as taxable income. If there was such a thing as taxable income, then “Lori” and all those other tax agents I’ve spoken to would just be responsive to simple questions. Get more …

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  1. MetalArmyOfHell Says:

    A voluntary basis would work if enough people volunteer. But you couldn’t rely on that alone, and some services could not incorporate it.

    It is a small step but a step no less.

    Volunteer basis alone wont work. Good start though.

  2. MarcStevens3 Says:

    I have talked about a better system, I’ve done hundreds of radios shows talking about it.

    You provide the same services on a voluntary basis like other services.

  3. MetalArmyOfHell Says:

    Taxes are the price of civilization. Granted no one likes paying it.

    If you have a better system, please say it. No one likes paying taxes.

    It is better to try to improve a flawed system then it is to simply announce that it has flaws.

  4. BloatedSensations Says:

    @bennygroth What, exactly, do you think “the alternative” is? Do you think your tax money actually goes to pay for things like public services? Think again. 100% of your tax money is spent on paying interest on debt that the gov’ created by borrowing from private lenders. They could have just spent responsibly within the limits of their earned revenue. They didn’t. THEY borrowed YOU into debt and servitude that you can never get out of no matter how much tax you pay.

  5. MarcStevens3 Says:

    Still can’t point out one error can you?

    I call people troll who make silly ad hominem attacks who write I’m full of crap while being unable to point out one error.

    Again, come on my radio show and humiliate me publicly. Then, you can post it here on youtube.

  6. bennygroth Says:

    Ha Ha, a real live radio personality ! What a Joke. No one beyond you tube has ever heard of you Stevens ! Face it, manzi is right, You’re a hack. You call people a troll who disagree and say prove me wrong! Well the law is precise, if you were right no one would pay their taxes, including me. Many have listened to clowns like you and were subsequently charged and forced to pay up and FINED. Some are JAILED. Where’s your logic ? You’re a poor example of an american citizen !

  7. MarcStevens3 Says:

    That’s proving me wrong.

    Ok troll, just can’t stay away can you?

  8. mikemanzi1 Says:

    Oh please…WAAWAAWAA Whats the sense ? You have your own interpretation of EVERYTHING ! You’re a small time hack with a big mouth! The IRS is so going to nail your ass..and then you’ll make mainstream TV! Pay your taxes Stevens.

  9. MarcStevens3 Says:

    Still can’t point out my error can you? demonstrate an error.

    You are free to call the radio show any time.

    Also, I’ve been on Coast to Coast troll, that’s a pretty big show, mainstream, 450+ affiliates, mostly clear channel stations.

    Go troll another video if you can’t point out one error.

  10. mikemanzi1 Says:

    Still trying to make us drink the kool-aid stevens? I spoke to a lawyer about you’re point of view concerning taxes, drug use, registering vehicles with the state, etc…he said you interpretation of the previous mentioned is “out of bounds” and has no MERIT whatsoever! He also said you hit your high not on Y.T. and will never make mainstream radio and TV. Enjoy your 15 minutes….You have about 1% of the 300 million in this Country !

  11. RetSquid Says:

    “to make them understand?”

    No, there is always some other scam artist out there to take advatage of the ignorant.

  12. bennygroth Says:

    RetSquid….rules ! Why do these people think they can change the law concerning income tax ? I wish I didn’t have to pay either…but I don’t like the alternative. BTW didn’t enough people get locked up for tax evasion to make them understand?

  13. WorBlux Says:

    *write down

  14. WorBlux Says:

    That’s an assertion of men dead two hundred years.

    If I right down on a piece of paper that I shall have the moral right and power to rob you, does that actually give me the power?

    How does the constitution have any more factual relation to me, than my declaration has to you?


  15. RetSquid Says:

    Section 8 – Powers of Congress

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes…

    The laws of all civilized states recognize in every citizen the absolute right to his own earnings, and to the enjoyment of his own property, and the increase thereof, during his life, except so far as the state may require him to contribute his share for public expenses….
    United States v. Perkins

  16. WorBlux Says:

    You still haven’t answered the question. It’s a statutory difference, but not a factual one.

    For so-called lawmakers to say that all income is taxable income is unless we think it isn’t is, leads me to conclude that such a statement is unsubstantiated.

    Give me one fact, just one that would imply under general principles of law and reason that would imply that the average joe’s income is taxable.

  17. RetSquid Says:

    § 63. Taxable income defined
    (a) In general
    Except as provided in subsection (b), for purposes of this subtitle, the term taxable income means gross income minus the deductions allowed by this chapter (other than the standard deduction).

  18. WorBlux Says:

    And the factual and legal difference between this and taxable income is?

    What marc is asking what facts are there to suggest that his particular clients income is taxable? Is the claim that taxes are owed anything more than a unsubstantiated opinion?

  19. bennygroth Says:

    HaHa…I’m just excercising my rights of free speech. I think you’re full of hot air. I’m not hurting anybody, (where’s the corpus delicti?) HaHa. You’re not making a difference stevens and you never will ! You just continue to pay your taxes and follow the LAWS of this great country…

  20. MarcStevens3 Says:

    troll, troll, troll, troll troll, troll, troll, troll…

  21. bennygroth Says:

    Stevens..nobody listens to you! You’re like the proverbial tree falling in the woods …….

  22. bennygroth Says:

    BTW…I found that very funny that you advised me to “check the archives”….That radio station is somewhere in Mayberry…I’ll check the archives when I’m done at Floydes Barber Shop getting a haircut….I’ll let Goober and Aunt Bee in on my findings..LMAO

  23. bennygroth Says:

    You’ll be a hit in the prison library….A real live Jail house lawyer…..

  24. MarcStevens3 Says:


  25. bennygroth Says:

    Well stevens, if you don’t pay your taxes……… know whats going to happen eventually…. : ) Its a matter of time before the IRS comes after you!…….

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