Nicole Foss: We Need Freedom of Action To Confront Peak Oil

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In the third video in the series “Peak Oil and a Changing Climate” from The Nation and On The Earth productions, co-editor of The Automatic Earth, Nicole M. Foss, explains how energy relates to the economy and what our impending energy crisis will look like. Foss discusses the issues associated with peak oil in financial rather than environmental terms, because she finds that peak oil has much more to do with finance than it does with climate change. Foss talks about what she calls a “false positive feedback loop,” which involves optimism leading to “caution being thrown to the wind.” When this happens, Foss believes that people become angry. Succumbing to fear and anger might lead to engagement in destructive behavior, which would make it harder for society to confront peak oil and climate change. Reacting to former vice president Dick Cheney, who once said “the American way of life is not negotiable,” Foss says, “That’s true because reality is not going to negotiate with you.” For more videos in the series, visit

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  1. iTestifyy Says:

    @Xsteppin magnets come from natural elements as well. China pretty much has a monopoly on those natural earth resources needed to utilize magnet technology in large dimensions. This video is the 3rd in the playlist. The guy in the 2nd video talks about that.

  2. Xsteppin Says:

    @mphello u know if 6% of the land in America was dedicated to growing hemp we would be energy independant? Also sky news reported on an inventor who created a magnet motor for $5,000 that would power your house forever. The solutions are all there my friend ppl are just too busy with partisan politics to notice.

  3. mphello Says:

    @scottandildi Painful possibility. It’s not reality, yet. It may never be, hopefully.
    Same with your scenario.

  4. scottandildi Says:

    @mphello Yes. That is a painful reality too.

  5. mphello Says:

    @mphello .. a massive aggressive campaign to build solar and wind farms and algae farms for biofuels.

    Conservatives, AGW-deniers, pro-nukes and pro-gas advocates do not understand that just because students and unions and environmentalists cannot point out the exact date a finite resource (gold, silver, oil, CLEAN water) will be used up does not change the fact that it is still finite.

  6. mphello Says:

    Conservatives, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) deniers, and pro-nuclear pro-coal pro-oil advocates do not grasp what environmentalists have known for years: basic science, basic engineering, the second law of Thermo (entropy: which is why it takes MUCH more energy to create extreme localized order such as a sustained nuclear reactor or a cow/pig/chicken), and that the solutions to energy problems will require a complex mixture of changing our lifestyle (going vegan, not reproducing),…

  7. mphello Says:

    @scottandildi True. But, here’s another what-if: if your land becomes contaminated by gas fractionating or nuclear waste, then it becomes worthless. Then you can take your precious metals elsewhere. If you invested entirely in your land, then you will have lost everything.

  8. richardfrederickson Says:

    Cont… Smart people have been predicting ‘the end of the world’ for generations; Nostrodamus for example. Also the USA on average has a recession every 6 years so if Nicole keeps the same message for another 2 years or so she will be spot on!

  9. richardfrederickson Says:

    Predicting that something bad is going to happen is the easiest thing in the world. If it happens then you are screwed so it doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t happen then everyone is just happy that it didn’t happen and move on. Nicole comes across as very bright and is very engaging but she is personally profiting from the very lucrative survivalist/doomer in all of us, that makes me suspicious. I’m not saying she is wrong just that seemingly smart people have been predicting ‘the end of the world

  10. scottandildi Says:

    If you sell your house and the collapse happens and you rent and store your wealth in the form of gold or silver etc. and the government issues a law that gold and silver etc. are illegal to own, you lose everything. On the other hand if you keep your house which is paid off completely and have a couple acres to grow food on and raise small animals for food you have something that is self-sustaining and you can barter with something in your local community. Land and shelter are more valuable.

  11. scottandildi Says:

    @TheProphetNabob When people who ignore people who predict doom and they are wrong, it’s called suicide.

  12. ingeborgsjon Says:

    @TheProphetNabob The timing of the crisis is a minor problem. The problem is that the crisis is for real. You should wake up.

  13. TheProphetNabob Says:

    @lordkoos Yes, and a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  14. TheProphetNabob Says:

    @summershred When people predict doom and it doesn’t happen, that’s called “Being Wrong.”

  15. TheProphetNabob Says:

    A reminder:

    Foss said “market top, 10,000 Fall ’10.” WRONG. Spring ’11, market up 98% from low.

    ilargi said “oil price crash coming” two years ago. WRONG. Oil now over $100/barrel.

    Both foss & ilargi: Deflationary depression enroute! WRONG.

    Inital unemployment claims: DOWN. Market UP. GDP: UP.

    Those who call me corporate sock puppet: You’re funny! Try comparing Foss’s predictions with reality and wake the F up.

  16. mphello Says:

    I don’t take any of these hypocrites seriously the moment they preach that they are so high and mighty above those who “do the blame game” – but then turn around and defend laws that put people in prison just because of what the things they say.
    If she’s so against the “blame game”, then let everyone out of prison. Otherwise, she should shut the hell up.

    Some of us (vegans, radicals) ARE justified in laying blame.

  17. mphello Says:

    Ingrid Newkirk is the smartest AND most courageous woman in the world.
    She’s one of the few who speaks out against the fascist meat industry
    and against the mainstream brainwashing.

    This Nicole Foss is smart and right about peak fossil energy and AGW, but she’s certainly not exceptional.

  18. PrisonerofDemocracy Says:

    whos says oil is gonna run out, the people who control the price

  19. Loafer3211 Says:

    Obama ejaculated all over this Woman’s preapprehensions.

  20. sasan1500 Says:

    Shes is a smart women. Shes just maybe forget about QE1 QE2 en soon QE3 which simply means expanding money supplies which eventually lead to INFLATION of the currency and commodities prices. Cash will be better then digital money for sure but not for the long run cause FED will eventually inflate it away. You should have cash for the first couple of months but after that you have to have other commodities which hold value during inflationary times. first food then cash after that hard assets.

  21. Eyebeemz Says:

    The Dow has rallied 2,000 points from when this Benny Hill look-a-like said it was a top.

  22. 49Falcon Says:

    The problem with her predictions is that it assumes that the US dollar will remain the world reserve currency. If that assumption is wrong then you will not see a flight to safety to the US dollar and you will see a significant inflationary response as the demand for US dollars fall of a cliff. I am sure that given today’s push to move away the US dollar that she would revise some of her assumptions relating to the health of the dollar.

  23. drkevincampbell Says:

    This is clearly the smartest woman in the World. The Gold Cartel is pushing the false inflation fear and Fed money printing, and people are buying it hook, line and sinker. When the gold bubble breaks and the dollar rises, these people will be wiped out. No lending + no spending + M3 money contraction + massive unemployment + real estate deleveraging all means only one thing…DEFLATION. Food manipulation is not inflation. This is where everyone is being fooled.

  24. drkevincampbell Says:

    This is clearly the smartest woman in the World.

  25. JamesTyreeII Says:

    This is positiveistic

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