Nice Time to go on a Vacation Mr. President

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Things could have been better, but they are not. Economy has  been slowing to a crawl, US credit has been down graded and Stock market is worried, and in complete tailspin. Those 400 point wild rides everyday are killing the nerves and dislocating America’s faith in our financial system. Not to mention stocks have already dropped 10% since the bickering and sniping ensued over the US debt default.


The only thing Congress did was to stave off  the potential debt default, after months of back and forth  gridlock. President Obama somehow avoided the complete default in time, but the US downgrade that followed was even more devastating.

As soon as the deal was inked Congress disappeared into a vacation mode for 5 more weeks while the country is lurching on pins and needles. There is not a single Congressman seen on  our TV screen, probably they are all working on their Suntans. John Bohener must be playing golf somewhere nice and sipping a Martini.  No wonder Congress earns a 14% approval ratings from the people who elected them. Next week President Obama is due to leave for the rest of the month at Martha’s Vineyard. Nice time to go on complete vacation Mr. President ? I know you work very hard., so do I, but  like most people I can’t put two square meals on the table, is this my fault ?


How about the UK Prime Minister who cut his time short and came back to handle UK’s unrest and riots that broke out this week ? Was he supposed to come back when the riots were over? He summoned the cabinet and Parliament. Are these people working during a crisis? Yes they are. French Premier Nicholas Sarkozy cut short his vacation and came back  to office since France’s economic crisis is putting lots of leepless nights for his people. French stocks are diving, and banks are crushed with debt. The French may get their stick from S&P and may get downgraded like the US. Did he take a vacation while France suffered ?


So what can the people of United States do? How can they get a vacation out of these relentless bad news and stock market jitters and no jobs ? There is no end to it. If you are jobless you stay jobless and without money, going nowhere. Is there a place where things are better in the US? May be at Martha’s Vineyard if your were the President or had enough money. It would be incredible if we can all go on a Alaskan Cruise and watch the ice cubes melt in our glasses. Where do we have the funds? Where do we have the jobs?

Is there any vacation from bad economy and bad times ?

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