Newt Gingrich States DOMA Decision Means Obama Law In Effect

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The Obama administration and the Justice Department concluded defending the DOMA in the courtroom was a waste of time, which Gingrich was offended by. The conclusion not to defend Defense of Marriage Act on constitutional grounds meant that “Obama law” had taken over rather than constitutional law, according to Gingrich. Gingrich neglected to bring up that the law remains in impact. Source of article – Newt Gingrich says DOMA decision proves Obama law theory by

Continuation of law

Social conservatives are up in arms over a recent conclusion by the Obama administration and the Justice Department to not any longer defend the DOMA, or Defense of Marriage Act, in federal court cases. Former Speaker of the House Gingrich appeared on TV and went on a tear in regards to the conclusion to stop defending the DOMA in court, according to ABC. Gingrich said that “the rule of law” had been supplanted by “Obama law,” and he implied a constitutional crisis was at hand, though he dropped to mention the conclusion to not defend the law was depending on constitutional grounds. He furthered the point that had Palin been elected, she would be up for impeachment.

What individuals have to say

There was a harsh response from conservative congress members to the conclusion. It wasn’t a universal response though. A spokesperson for current Speaker Boehner (R – OH) criticized Obama for focusing on a divisive issue rather than economic issues such as joblessness and fiscal policy, which the American individuals consider a higher priority, in accordance with the WA Post. Eric Cantor (R-Vir.), the House Majority Whip, is said to be looking into legislative solutions, such as perhaps reducing funding to the Justice Department.

Hopeful presidential candidates’ opinions

The loudest responses have come from people possibly seeking to launch a campaign for the presidency in 2012, including Newt Gingrich. Previous governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney said the Obama and Eric Holder’s conclusion to stop defending Defense of Marriage Act was a mistake, according to ABC. Other potential candidates Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty said they were disappointed, and former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum said that a more vigorous defense of “traditional marriage” was necessary. In the last term that Santorum was senator, several were upset at him. He made statements against homosexuals, in accordance with many.


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