New York Yankee Tickets – Saving Bonds?

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New York Yankees tickets are already among the most difficult tickets to come by in all of sports. What if you added the all-time home run king to the mix? There are rumors floating around that the Bronx Bombers are considering adding the biggest baseball bomber of all time, Barry Bonds, to their roster. Bonds has spent the 2008 season at home thus far. The all-time leader in career home runs (762) and home runs in a single season (73) could provide the Yankees with some added power down the stretch.

In the wake of injuries to Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada, among others, the Yankees are not leaving any stone unturned as far potential moves that could improve their lineup go. The 44-year-old Bonds hit 28 home runs for the San Francisco Giants last season in just 126 games. He’s obviously got some pop left in his bat, which is why it’s been so surprising that no American League team has jumped at the opportunity to insert him as a designated hitter. The famous short porch in right field at Yankee stadium is conducive to left-handed hitters and there’s no reason to think Bonds couldn’t thrive in pinstripes.

Some teams may be worried about image issues that would accompany the slugger, considering all the steroid controversy and perjury charges that surround Bonds, but the Yankees are as bold a franchise as any in pro sports. Hank Steinbrenner, like his father, puts winning before everything else and will take a hard look at any transaction that could help the team. The Yankees aren’t exactly set at the DH either. The club recently claimed Richie Sexson off waivers after he was released by the Mariners, but he’s no superstar. Bonds would be a liability in the field at this stage of his career, thus DH would seem to suit him well. One would also think that Bonds would have fans clamoring to get New York Yankees tickets even more so than they already are, another paramount consideration for the Steinbrenner family.

As of July 24th, the Yankees are just 3.5 games out of first place in the American League East and have been on a tear since the All-Star break. Bonds could give the push that the club is looking for to take them to the next level. However, with the club playing so well, do they want to mess with whatever is working for them right now? No matter what happens in the Bronx this summer and into the fall, it’s bound to be interesting and make New York Yankees tickets a hot commodity.

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