New LTO3 Tape Technology

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The specifications of LTO3 tape have provided opportunity to the manufacturers of LTO ultrium to offer LTO 3 tape products with incorporated feature of WORM (write once, read many). Guidelines have been established by the Government regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Act of Health Insurance Portability & Accountability and SEC Rule 17a-4 on how much time period the data should be kept secure, retained and remain unchanged. The businesses are looking forward to adopt more affordable tape storage technologies that are capable of storing critical information for time span of ten years or more, without any alterations. LTO3 tape media technology meets these requirements of the organizations in cost efficient manner. The WORM functionality in the LTO 3 tape products have successfully addressed the needs of its customers for long term and cost efficient data archiving. The specifications of LTO third generation includes co-existence of non-WORM and WORM enabled backup tape drive. Implementation of LTO program has provided the organization with a highly durable and low cost means of storing valuable information in non-erasable and non-alterable format.

LTO 3 tape technology is the best cost effective choice for data archiving up to several decades. CM (cartridge memory) is also included in the LTO3 ultrium tape cartridge which is used by the robust algorithms. The specific design of cartridge memory helps in preventing tampering.

LTO3 tape format also supports the previously written data which has been appended at the end of WORM ultrium cartridge. Therefore the users can take complete advantage of the great recording capacity of the LTO ultrium tape and perform their work operations at low cost. Dynamic data rate is an innovative technique which has been employed in the LTO 3 tape format.

The new technique of dynamic data rate enhances the performance and durability of the LTO3 backup tape media. Its storage capacity also has been doubled from that of LTO-2 tape format. 400 gigabytes is the native capacity of LTO 3 tape cartridge, and it can hold double the amount of compressed data from its native capacity.

Information on LTO2 tape media can be read by LTO3 tape technology and data can also be written on to it. On the other hand, the LTO 3 tape is only capable of reading information from the LTO-1 tape media. This new third generation LTO tape format protects the users’ investment. LTO is the only technology whose base is an open specification. It also supports data interchange. The specification of LTO can be licensed by any manufacturer thus providing unique ability to the users to select from number of tape cartridge and drive offerings. Competitive pricing, technological innovation and compatible products’ multiple sources are fostered by such pro-competitive environment. Stress on LTO ultrium media and drive is lowered by the “dynamic data rate” process which optimizes the performance and output level. In dynamic data rate, the tape drive’s speed is closely matched with transfer speed of network or host server. Robust LTO3 data tapes are available at available at tape4backup dot com with lifetime warranty.

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