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If you have a credit card balance (or other debt) with an interest rate of 15 to 20 percent and your new vehicle loan would be closer to 6 to 10 percent, you might be better off paying more on your credit card debt. You would save on interest costs overall, and paying off credit cards is good for your credit score.

Find an independent insurance agent in your region. Car insurance companies that work with independent insurance agents such as Progressive and Safeco allow you to search for independent insurance agents in your area using their websites.

The kind of vehicle you own is one of the biggest determining factors in calculating your annual automobile insurance rate. Faster cars and convertibles normally have higher insurance premiums because you are more likely to drive them faster. For example, when comparing a sports car and a family sedan, the sports car almost always costs more to insure, because one of the chief features of a sports vehicle is its power and speed.

You are a high risk new driver if you fall under all of these categories:

  • Below the age of 25
  • Committed offense
  • Committed major violations

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