Myth Only to Be a Programmer

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During my college life, we were not aware about the information technology, BPO, web industry. We haven’t any expertise in these industries; we are just concentrating on our semester, subject, gossips and the most important thing to pass that semester. We were not meet-up our senior who had willed up in industry. Just we were enjoying college life. Out lecturer was diverting us at programming and web development side, they want us to be a good programmer or web developer. During our college life we was not aware about that there is huge scope of business analyst, software tester, internet marketer, online marketer, linux admin, database admin etc. I had practice hard for the .net programming as well as php programming.

Finally I had pass out the college with some good percentage and web for the industrial training for the php programming, in company, they were utilizing us and giving the link building work. So we come to know about the SEO and internet marketing. We worked as SEO and link builder rather that php programmer, for which we joined that company. After finishing tranning, I was totally disappointed now what to do? B’ze I haven’t expertise in php as well as internet marketing. I was searching for the php job, but everyone was looking for the experienced candidate, so I was not getting selected anywhere. Perhaps I got the opportunity to work as an internet marketer, and I had accepted that opportunity.

I really worked hard as an internet marketer, after 2 years I got the immense confidence in internet marketing filed. Now I come to know the importance of internet marketing filed and the real difference between programmer and internet marketer. I am very happy that I have made my career as a Internet Marketer rather than programmer.

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Harsh Modi is internet marketer and also writes article on outsourcing projects, data entry outsourcing, hire iphone developer, iphone development etc.

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