My Favorite Child part 2

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The home movie, “Think of Me First as a Person,” portrays the love a boy with Down syndrome shares with his four sisters, but also a heartache common to the era’s disabled: leaving home for an institution. In December, decades after filmmaker Dwight Core Sr. shot the first frame, the film won a special honor: one of only a handful of amateur movies accepted into the Library of Congress. The little boy, Dwight Core, Jr., is now a tall, 47-year-old man who enjoys coloring and watching television in the living room of the Ocean View section of Norfolk, Virginia home he shares with one of his sisters, Cindy Klingler. The film might all still be sitting in a dusty box somewhere if not for Dwight Sr.’s grandson, George Ingmire. Two years ago, he started rummaging through a tangle of film spools he inherited after his grandfather’s death in 1995. The 38-year-old filmmaker knew Dwight Sr. had shot some murder mysteries in the ‘ 50s and was hoping to find them for an annual home movie festival in New Orleans, where he now lives. Instead, an unexpected audio tape caught his attention. On it, his grandfather’s voice is telling a story. Trying to explain. Describing his son, Dwight Core Jr., Ingmire’s uncle. “D is small for his age but very strong,” the narrator says. “His hair is sandy blond and cut short. His bright, almond-shaped blue eyes and tiny ears do not miss a thing.” Ingmire pulled film strips from the box, held them up to a lamp and soon found footage of a boy with a buzz

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  1. canadalass Says:

    @pgreyard I wish i had seen this sooner. I have never watched the 2 part movie ever. I am a mom of a child Braedyn 9 years old with DS. the love in your family is what my family are like. Bless you all forever. “D” was a cute baby, child and man. When did he pass, if I can ask?

  2. nosh1j2j Says:

    the vieo gave me goose bumps. how insightful of these parents.

  3. kareblue Says:

    wow what a great love of a child, and there parents , full exceptance bless you all for the past and love in future , in helping others understand family is love and blessings, no matter what ,kareblue

  4. pgreyard Says:

    Thank you for the film. Dwight “D” is my uncle and a beautiful man. Having grown up with Dwight, he was just a few years older than myself, brother and cousin Georgie. He was a wonderful friend and will be greatly missed. I miss you uncle Dwight. Love Patrick.

  5. awhisperintime Says:

    beautiful film. you can see how much his sisters love him. from his father’s narration, and even from the fact that he felt it was important to film his son, you can see his father adored him.

  6. Beaunkev Says:

    This video was very inspiring to me, my daughter has a form of chromosomal disorder and I am very afraid that she will realize she is different and will be very impacted by others ignorance. Afraid of other kids making fun and hurting my child because their parents never taught them to be sensitive to others that are not like them. Thank you for showing this very important video, love can really heal anything you believe in.

  7. rayofsunlight Says:

    this made me cry, i loved it so much.

  8. graysmama Says:

    Wonderful video. Your father was an amazing man to document young Dwight as a little boy in a tome when DS was’nt so accepted. You all are an extraordinary example of love.

  9. excallence Says:


  10. JanekGonsal Says:

    I think people with down syndrome are the most beautiful in the world. They seem incapable of being unloving from what I’ve seen. Maybe I need to see more, but that was touching, and this one child I met once was no different.

  11. mad4mky Says:

    Amazing. I have a 21 year old daughter with DS. Dwight is an amazing man…as her exceptional sisters.

  12. Shmevin26 Says:

    i thank your family for sharing with us all. i plan to work with a DS child. seeing this has left me with a bit more insight.

  13. hillsweeroxursox Says:

    Man… that has to be hard…

  14. PeYonka Says:

    omg that was so sweet. thank-you for sharing

  15. erishcoffee Says:


  16. minequeen1 Says:


  17. mmk080 Says:

    That was beautiful. I have a sister with down syndrome so I know how they must feel. Thanks for sharing.

  18. sheryl6008 Says:

    What a great inside view into a very private close family. Thanks for sharing.

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