MW 1993 Sports Car Comparison Road Test

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MW 1993 Sports Car Comparison Test Toyota Supra Turbo, Nissan 300ZX Turbo, Porsche 968, Mazda RX7 R1, Dodge Stealth RT Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette LT1

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  1. EnnesX Says:

    @UserNamei5 and not to mention the 911 turbo is not a sports car in the purist sense

  2. JDMAero Says:

    @klexgs Paradise.

  3. NissanTy Says:

    none of these cars are really CHEAP today, try to find a supra UNmodified, aint gonna happen! and if u DO find one unmodified, you will pay A LOT for it.

  4. TheRevolutionaryvoic Says:

    jza80 or corvette jza80 all the way

  5. bajabusta Says:

    @UserNamei5 the only thing i can offer to you inquiry, is price. Despite the performance of the 938 being very similar, i am sure it was a cost difference that motivated it’s absense. The911 Turbo, well I can guarantee cost was the factor!

  6. UserNamei5 Says:

    Why isnt the Porsche 928 here? Or better yet…. The 911 Turbo.

  7. KillerKyle94 Says:

    @pivotfreak8 books for $30,000 with 60,000miles that is when i was gonna trade my 300 for one

  8. pivotfreak8 Says:

    @KillerKyle94 then what is it?

  9. KillerKyle94 Says:

    @pivotfreak8 not a supra

  10. dus000 Says:

    Can you putt up the 1995 nissan 300zx not the turbo

  11. pivotfreak8 Says:

    these cars r hella cheap today

  12. kojlubpusse Says:

    @yurifiero 93 non turbo/

  13. 707umair Says:

    Z32 FTW!

  14. bajabusta Says:

    @landyachtfan79 takes a prick to call out a prick. Gosh, I just don’t understand how some people can just call out anyone online. ANYONE. hide behind you monitor people.

  15. landyachtfan79 Says:

    @bajabusta Nobody had better DARE EVER call my man John Davis a prick!!!!!!!!!

  16. akvalues Says:

    the supra is super??? they should have mentioned the handling lmao.

  17. yobrehwheredagreen Says:

    shut up pube

  18. yurifiero Says:

    @obeeone420 well why did they test the 1994 supra? Not the 1993

  19. obeeone420 Says:

    Haha, yeah that would be great to test the 94-95 stealth in 1993 before they were introduced. Watch what the video says or even look at the title 93 MW.

  20. JohnFromSpace Says:

    Corvette for life but this whole line up is sweet. Love the 90s

  21. floozifer7 Says:

    “probably call it-”

  22. Pube83 Says:


    Some people luck out and get well cared for ones or “factory freaks” that were just put together a little tighter with the best assembly line pieces.

  23. yurifiero Says:

    @Pube83 never had a problem with my 95 stealth r/t tt and I know where there is plenty of available parts

  24. Pube83 Says:


    I would put the 300zx before the VR4/Stealth twins anyday.

  25. Pube83 Says:


    While the VR4 and Stealth were cool back in the day, they were maintenance nightmares, had a fragile trans/drive-train and weighed close to 4,000lbs….which is why you can’t even find clean used ones anymore.

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