MSNBC w/ Cenk: Matt Taibi – Magic Money Printing Machine at The Fed

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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Chris Jansing on MSNBC Live talks to Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibi about a giant loophole in the financial reform bill that allows the Fed to give backdoor bailouts to banks.

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  1. PavedStones Says:

    @SouthParkBear If you actually agree with the video why do you WRITE IN CAPS and throw insults at everyone like a retarded 14 year old? Just chill and get a life dude

  2. CaJeffO Says:

    @SouthParkBear – OIC you’re a punk whom uses his mouth & too uneducated to use his brain. And, you are trying to be the comedian here with your “great wisdom”? And you have no respect for others and act like a thug. You act like the kind of moron that eventually has to find out he’s not the toughest guy on the block.
    I hate debating with “child minded adults”. Talk to me after you graduate from 10th grade & have joined the mental capacities of an responsible “thinking” adult. Grow up.

  3. SouthParkBear Says:

    Oh, did you read the CAPTION on this video?


    Geez, that’s like saying “SHITTING IN YOUR OWN PANTS COULD MAKE IT STINK!”

    What DOES this booger-munching moron know, if he didn’t know that!

  4. SouthParkBear Says:


    I ain’t googling shit moron. And the word is” TOO proud–” as in you are TOO stupid to know, just like your momma was TOO stupid to close her goddam legs and your your daddy was TOO stupid to pull out, that’s WHY you’re TOO stupid!

  5. SouthParkBear Says:


    Allowing the fed to exist? That’s like “allowing the genie to exist out of the bottle–” i.e. once it escapes, you AIN’T gonna get it back in!

    So basically you’re looking back to 1913, if not sooner when the Federal Bank was created along with the federal printing-press for money– ALL in strict violation of the Constitution.

    The problem’s that the people can’t ENFORCE the Constitution thanks to jackson and Lincoln. But Bill O’Reilly says he’d FIRE any teacher who says so!

  6. SouthParkBear Says:

    Stench would applaud it as a great plan

  7. SouthParkBear Says:

    Well what do you expect, when Obama said “we’ll just tax those making over $250,000”
    That’s only EVERY successful business out there– but Obama never heard that HIGHER TAXES = HIGHER PRICES!

    No wonder that Stench Yogurt loves Obama like a maggot loves shit– Stench has the brains of a maggot, and Obama has shit-for-brains!.

  8. SouthParkBear Says:

    But you bring up a good point– if Stench doensn’t know that the Federal Reserve SYSTEM gives money to Federal Reserve BANKS– what DOES he know?

    The answer is obious: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
    That’s why it’s both funny and frustrating to watchi this asshat TALK– i.e. because it’s like a bumblebee flying, since technically it’s impossible without a brain– but still he DOES IT!
    He makes a gargantuan ASS out of himself with evey word.

  9. SouthParkBear Says:

    Stench Yogurt doesn’t know what TOILET PAPER does– he doesn’t look like he even knows how to use it.

  10. SouthParkBear Says:


    Did you just speak, or did a cow fart? That makes NO sense.

  11. SouthParkBear Says:

    Why do you think the Constitution only gives Congress the power to COIN money– not PRINT it?

    But seriously, Stench is shocked– SHOCKED– to learn that PRINTING MONEY CAUSES INFLATION!
    You gotta be KIDDING me!
    He must have fighred that the Founders simply “COULDN’T print money back then”–like thhat Miss South Carolina contestant who said that most American’s can’t find a country on a map, because “they don’t have maps!”

  12. CaJeffO Says:

    @SouthParkBear – Before you get to proud of your condesending remarks GOOGLE THIS:
    “CAJeffO America has been hacked”
    SEE ***** 3rd Issue of 6 *****

  13. SouthParkBear Says:


    Stench Yogurt is the witless wonder of the left; he makes Kieth Olbemaniac and Chris “Piss going down my leg” Matthews look like Steven Hawking and Albet Einstein.

    “What– you mean when the Fed PRINTS MORE MONEY, a dollar becomes WORTH LESS that before?”


    This idiot has the brain of a sheep and the ass of an elephant.
    This is why the Federal government has NO constitutional authority to PRINT money– only to COIN it… That’s COIN, as in SILVER!
    Stupid moron

  14. SouthParkBear Says:


    Yeah, aint ya heard? It’s GOOD to be the king!

  15. SouthParkBear Says:

    yeah great, how about we abolish terrorism, cancer and DEATH while we’re at it?

    The fed ain’t goin NOWHERE, because we have too many shit-eating MORONS like Stench Yogurt electing CHARLATANS like Obama. He thinks that “printing money is the new scam–” HELLO? It was a scam since the fucking LINCOLN ADMINISTRATION!
    This guy is the tortoise’s retarded cousin– he heard that the hare lost, and so he bought some rogaine!
    Fucking idiot won a Darwin award on CREDIT.

  16. SouthParkBear Says:

    Stenk Yogurt didn’t see it coming that the Federal Reserve money would give money to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS?
    This retarded moron wouldn’t see CHRISTMAS coming.

    But wait: Stench said that “capitalism caused the great depression, and the government FIXED it.”
    So now he’s saying that this SAME government which supposedly “FIXED” the Great Depression, is— BAD?

  17. JImmy4336 Says:

    Abolish the Fed!

  18. ADoseofReality1 Says:

    RON PAUL has only been talking about this for 30 YEARS! Glad these dopes finally figuered it out but they still refuse to give props to the man that can turn this country around.

  19. Introspective91 Says:

    @TheHeartOfTheLion Anna and Ben sat in a tree…i saw them kissing.

  20. TheHeartOfTheLion Says:

    I wonder what happend to the rest of the TYT crew now that Cenk is on MSNBC, on a regular time slot ??

  21. CaJeffO Says:

    @ChineseAtheist — Wow can you share the mistakes with me? I really want the truth. Please do share it.

  22. ChineseAtheist Says:

    USA had 11% debts 2010. Portugal had 7%. Spain has less debts per GDP than USA.
    And Europe did not have massive QE yet

  23. ChineseAtheist Says:

    Lol, the video is already debunked. 100s of mistakes and lies…

  24. pinochet222 Says:

    the banks can’t possibly lose, but even if they do due to giant criminal fuckups, the CEO’s don’t have to return their astronomical bonuses that they’ve been giving THEMSELVES

    banana republic dictators have nothing on these Wall Street guys …..

  25. CaJeffO Says:

    This isn’t all that shocking!!!! It’s far worse than these TYT Bozo’s will let us know. Try seeing this video on YouTube called “ZEITGEIST II ADDENDUM (FULL MOVIE!) ” I’m sure the first 15 minutes will make you sick.

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