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I’m not trying to discourage people from vlogging. I just want people to realize it’s not as easy as some think. I had a guy ask me to lend him money to buy a bike…so that he could vlog. And he said he’d pay me back with the money youtube paid him. Cough. So if there are people who even think it’s half that easy……then this video is to explain that it’s not to them. Motorcycle Video Blogging = Motorcycle Vlogging = Motovlogging

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  1. WadrienneWood Says:

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  2. bykerwolf Says:

    Motovlogging for me is a hobby. I can get out on my bike, share my opinions, teach, and so on. I think motovlogging is great for non-bikers, because they get to see different parts of the world from a biker’s point of view. I also think some people live vicariously through motovloggers. But I do agree that getting a bike just to vlog is wrong. Get the bike for the ride and the feeling of freedom that comes with being out on the open road, not just to film. Now enough with this serious crap. =P

  3. ariofrostwavern Says:

    Baby’s already learning from the best haha

  4. jmoyet Says:

    from what i can tell from other videos iv seen he’s using slim picture camera that takes video in his helmet, in between the visor and his face. hehe.. wouldn’t want that camera hitting me in the face on a crash

  5. TrueAiR Says:

    Best ending ever!!! LMAO

  6. Customblogs Says:

    Hi #UN#, big fan of your vids here 🙂

  7. yurek55 Says:

    hi, what cam do you use? i like the picture quality.
    best regards

  8. e30Birdy Says:

    He is being honest… thats all he is doing. The problem is people cant accept the truth now a days anymore.. Vlogging and making money off it aint as easy as people think cause you have to get views to make money.. and buying a bike and cam right off the start is the most retarded thing you could do as you need to learn 2 ride before you concentrate on other things.. yea i want to make vids of me riding but for myself and not for vlogging as it takes a lot of skill to talk and keep and eye out

  9. willfaz07 Says:

    right… so, because it says “I’m not trying to discourage people from vlogging.” that means it is does it?

    you tell me I have no common sense and yet you read everything you see and believe it is true?!

  10. e30Birdy Says:

    why are you crying so much? and can you not read the discribtion? It states “I’m not trying to discourage people from vlogging.”

    he is stating the truth.. too many people have no sense of riding skills but buy a bike and a cam and pay more attention to them making a good vid then riding and that ends up in death! good price to pay huh? People like you really urk me cause they dont read and dont have common sense!!

    I watch the vids cause i think they are funny and ride myself but dont vlog!

  11. willfaz07 Says:

    I just unsubscribed to you because of this video… it’s pretentious and really just not that great – why discourage others at all? they are no loss to you.

  12. darkeneddreams Says:

    I don’t record at the moment, I wasn’t even thinking about blogging but more for in case I’m in an accident…as its getting pretty shit over here, bikers are automatically blamed, well it seems that way anyway..if you got proof that some twat killed you, well at least they would be rewarded properly 😛

  13. darkeneddreams Says:

    Mordeth, are you supposed to cross the double yellow lines in the centre of the road…as in the UK, we can’t but they are white..just wondering if its the same over there…???

  14. kharmht Says:

    I’ve been riding in Vietnam for almost a decade. I’ve thought of recording my ride, but it never materialized until I saw your vids. You are a good vloger that inspire riders.

  15. GodOfTheInternets Says:

    hey brandonm1392, my mother language is not English and even I can see that it’s “their bird flu” maybe finish high school first. Then you might be mature enough to not leave such grammar incorrect racist comments.

  16. PaulMEdwards Says:

    You are right… The ship has disembarked. Just like the Web 2.0 fad.

  17. MikeK02048 Says:

    The best part of this video was your son at the end. Cute as heck, and seems to have good camera presence. A chip of the old block, eh?

  18. pwnedomgrofl Says:

    This is a really cool thing to do 😀

  19. djentangle Says:

    lol, ur son looked like he was throwing up some gang signs.. hehehe…

  20. governator45 Says:

    Anyone can Vlog. But Mordeth has a good motovloging personality

  21. kasatka014 Says:

    Taiwan has its ups and downs, like any other country. End of argument.

  22. azazel637 Says:

    can you post a video of you involved in a crash thanks.

  23. OGSheep Says:

    Delete his comment?

  24. Novice571 Says:

    interesting video ,lad ,but still the best part was your son ^^

  25. 13mordeth Says:

    You’re subscribed to me but you talk about “chinks?” My wife and son are “chinks”.

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