Most Influential Woman On Forbes List Is Michelle Obama

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Forbes, considered an ultra-conservative publication, placed The First Lady at the top of its annual list of the world’s most powerful women. Democrats are hoping that is true as the first lady gears up to help her husband’s floundering party within the home stretch to the November elections. Forbes’ arbitrary selection of Obama has aroused quarrels for and against her across the political spectrum.

Oprah, Hillary and Lady Gaga all place after The First Lady

On October 6, Forbes published its 2010 “New Forbes Strength Women” where The First Lady had been placed on top. The list contained the top 100 business moguls, film stars and politicians that had an influence. “Creative influence and entrepreneurship” had been the focus Forbes had this year. In its’ profile of Obama, Forbes called her “a true change-maker” who has “given a new generation of girls and women all over the world a role model.” The magazine said the source of Obama’s power was a style that “stays from hard policy.”. Ellen Degeneres came in tenth on the list when Beyonce had been in ninth and Lady Gaga was in seventh. The list also placed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in fifth, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in fourth and Oprah Winfrey in third for the top 10 individuals on the list.

Dems expecting Obama’s strength will assist in elections

Michelle Obama has been within the campaign field more and more. In the last few weeks, she’s gotten even more aggressive. She’s been out within the field telling every person they need to vote Democrat in order to progress Obama’s agenda instead of stop it. She warns that Republicans taking over Congress will stop any progression, says CBS. States that go either Democrat or Republican could be seeing the first lady pretty soon. She is going on a seven-state fundraising tour in order to support the Democratic vote. Her approval rating on the Washington Post is 66 percent. There’s a 44 percent approval ranking for President Obama. This comes from a Columbia Broadcasting System poll.

The First Lady position argued

The First Lady is on probably the most powerful list and on the very top. There are certain circles that dispute with this. Peter Grier at the Christian Science Monitor ranked Hillary Clinton higher, and said Obama needs to tackle bigger issues to be at the top of the list. There are others who think Obama is only getting the prize due to her position. This is compared by Michelle Malkin on a blog to President Obama’s “undeserved honor” of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Malkin also said that Michelle Obama didn’t deserve this because she is campaigning for Democratic prospects within the elections, isn’t getting a nutrition bill passed in Congress and hasn’t gotten an Olympic large for Chicago yet.



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