Mortgage Meltdown Meltdown!

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In this week’s Up in Your Business, host Iliza Vie Shlesinger takes on the foreclosure fiasco! Middle managers will be scolded, decision charts will be analyzed, and primitive calls for help will not be heeded.

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  1. spartan688082 Says:

    Fuuuck Meeee

  2. anythinggoesjoe Says:

    Iliza listen your hot im hot stop playing games here and lets just bang

  3. SwordsDragonsAndCoke Says:


  4. TheCommunityFan Says:

    iliza is soooo pretty!! model gorgeous!! 🙂 she’s funny too!! what could be better??

  5. DarkX64 Says:

    So what happens if youtube gets foreclosed? Does that mean tha-

    *receives notification of foreclosure*
    SON OF A-

  6. jawayetti Says:

    This is supposed to be some half-assed attempt at humor? Yawn.

  7. ssbfan2 Says:

    that made me want to work for the bank

  8. hereaminow Says:

    Iliza Vie Shlesinger

  9. Lookatthathousefly Says:

    walmart worker FTW

  10. xxDrain Says:

    Are you sure all the paperwork for this foreclosure is in order?

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