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An update from my previous video, answering common remarks/arguments that were submitted. Links to check out: For those of you who have Netflix, Penn & Teller covered the topic of prostitution in their season 4 episode of Bullsh!t. Watch it here: Stephen Fry In America – Nevada Whore House: Select prostitution statistics: NAC: Chapter 441A – Communicable Diseases – Prostitution: Sex workers and sexual assault in Australia prevalence, risk and safety: Prostitution Law Review Committee Prostitution in Nevada Prostitution in the United States – The Statistics (1980s) Legal Perspectives in Clarifying the Issues of the Sex Industry series/proceedings/1-20/~/media/publications/proceedings/14/pickles.ashx Prostitution in Germany: UK Prostitution Laws: Prostitution in France: Different types of prostitution:

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  1. EmpressJudge13 Says:

    @PriscillaRelentless Excellent suggestion. If only we could put this into practice.

  2. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @EmpressJudge13 Well, that’s not what I would say, no. If the question is “How do we insure that there is never any underground prostitution going on” then I don’t think there is a solution. The answer is we can’t. All we can do is create a legal industry that is as safe as possible, while continuing to help those who are trapped in an illegal industry.

  3. EmpressJudge13 Says:

    @PriscillaRelentless So the closest thing to a solution to all of this would be an entirely unregulated industry wherein everyone who chooses to be a prostitute acts as a free agent, not as part of a brothel?

  4. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @EmpressJudge13 (part 2) If the Nevada brothel model were to be the model, then that leaves even more people out, since they don’t really have the option of working independently. They would have to find a brothel that is willing to take them on, and those that don’t make the cut would have to work illegally, or not at all. And of course, there would likely still be issues with people being pimped against their will. Those are just some examples.

  5. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @EmpressJudge13 If it was a completely unregulated industry, then you would be correct, everyone who chooses to do it would be doing it legally. But that is unlikely to happen. There would likely be licensing and testing. People who have incurable STD’s would likely not be able to continue legally working as prostitutes, and undoubtedly some of them would continue to try to work illegally. (cont)

  6. EmpressJudge13 Says:

    @PriscillaRelentless Forgive my ignorance, but how is that possible? I thought black markets catered to a clientele that operates outside of the law. If something is decriminalized, doesn’t that make a black market unnecessary and obsolete?

  7. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @pineboy23 To be fair, there will probably always be a black market, whether it is illegal or not.

  8. pineboy23 Says:

    I think prostitution should be legal as long as it is regulated in a safe and professional manner/enviroment.The prostitutes should be tested very often.
    As long as prostitution is illegal then there will be a black market.

  9. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @goodwinsmart How do you think it would make things worse?

  10. PriscillaRelentless Says:

    @Tehyaoh To be honest, I think what you’ve just done to the English language is disgusting. Yikes!

  11. ScrollAndKeyBeatz Says:

    What is a human right.??? What authoritative order tells you that you have the right to live? You say you don’t want to go into semantics regarding morality but it is impossible once you step into the realm of “human rights” .

  12. Tehyaoh Says:

    to be Honest , I Think your Disgusting for Even Advocaiting prostitution, First of all i knew the girl lisa maliory the person Responsible for the law prohibiting Prostitutes From HAVING SEX wHILE KNOWINGLY HAVING AIDS , BUT FRANKLY YOUR DUMB YOUNG WANNA BE FULLA CUM ASS HAS NO

  13. goodwinsmart Says:

    @thekiller320 I totally don’t agree with you. Legalizing prostitution is going to create more social problems and make problems that already exist become worse. Of course, you have your right to your opinion and I have my right to my opinion. I don’t force you to agree with me and I also don’t have to agree with you. Period.

  14. ghostdome Says:

    Murder, rape, theft etc. are not illegal because they cause harm. They are illegal because we made them illegal. I know this sounds rather like a tatalogy but this shows the difference between what is illegal and what is immoral. Morality is much more intrinsic to a society than it’s laws. We didn’t MAKE the moral code. We just realised, based on our life and living status, that some things are desirable and some things are not. That doesn’t make them legal or illegal. WE do that.

  15. thekiller320 Says:

    @goodwinsmart if you legaliz the prostitution the problem will be less worse beacuse hookers will no longer be slaves of the crimnal world.

  16. thekiller320 Says:

    @goodwinsmart what do you mean marriage ruined by a prostitute? did your friend go to a prostitute altough he was married. thats not the hooker’s fault its your friend’s fault. if the marriage was ruined because of some who is a prostitute for whatever reason then prostitution should be outlawed? doesnt make any sense.

    you’re an idoit

  17. babaluboo123 Says:

    I love smart, logical people.
    great post.

  18. killer3596 Says:

    If I go to a sperm bank and… make a deposit… for cash… does that make me a prostitute? I mean, I am giving them what they want, although pleasure doesn’t really enter into it. But it would make a difference if I were sterile. In that way I would loose a customer because of bad service. What if I were to cut out the middle man and just help some woman conceive who wants the whole thing to be really ‘natural’ if you catch my drift? Am I a ho then?

  19. ClarksonsinUSA Says:

    How sad….You feel this way,what a demeaning lifestyle…

    Are you one????

  20. goodwinsmart Says:

    My friend’s marriage is ruined because of prostitute and another friend almost divorce because of prostitute. Not to mention many tht suffer under human trafficking. You really give Atheist a bad name. I totally dislike you. If you can’t talk about something moral, then shut up. I think you don’t have any moral fiber. You are so shallow in thinking. Don’t claim your opinion is Atheist opinion at all. You destroy the image we Atheist tried to built. If you are so shallow, just shut up. Shut up.

  21. johnjdumas Says:

    Glad to see a female directly analyzing as apposed to generalizing and using non sequitur arguments, love your brain! Point after point perfection.

  22. MisterAvailable Says:

    @Ddstairclimber Why are you trying to convince me that it is better to decriminalize prostitution? I don’t support the criminalization of prostitution. Quite the contrary!

  23. kaYboi8o8 Says:

    @Ddstairclimber By far without a doubt the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen in my life. Prostitutes in Las Vegas are murdered every year, by a decent number too. I haven’t done my research? Clearly and quite obviously you haven’t, I’m wasting my time responding to you.. You don’t even deserve a worthy debate because of your idiotic comment alone. Let your daughter be a prostitute, go ahead and motivate her to be one, you’ll see how much she hates you when it’s all said and done.

  24. Ddstairclimber Says:

    @kaYboi8o8 you are the one who seriously has done no reaserch at all, call any of the Nevada legal brothers, to see how many have been killed? . here is how your argument is so stupid: I have sex with, someone, they are okey, but according to you if i give them 20 dollars, they are gonna get a heart attack??? , is the money gonna explode and kill them??
    we all pay in one way or another stupid bitch

  25. Ddstairclimber Says:

    @MisterAvailable well, the point is clear, she never said that prostitution was the best choice, but, keeping it ilegal is worse. also you should be realistic, prostitution will never go away. yes there are happy hookers.but many of them dont like the job not because the nature of the job itself, but because of the stigma associated with it. yes there are other that dont like the job, but there are many jobs that people hate, pay less, and are more dangerous. the sex part doesnt make it wors

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