Money Minute: Mortgages, GM, Spending

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The Senate has defeated legislation that would have let hundreds of thousands of debt-ridden homeowners seek mortgage relief in bankruptcy court. The AP’s Mark Hamrick reports. (April 30)

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  1. sugarpuddin88 Says:

    Every human in America owes $600K in FED debt

    US Education is last among its peers

    US 2nd only to Mexico in illiteracy & poverty among industrialized nations

    The US dollar will collapse within 1 to 2 years

    The US will never again rise due to its fundamental education & poverty flaws; & lack of creativity, (result of Rockefeller & Dewey social conditioning FED ed system; & rewarding the uncivilized in its society for massively breeding – While penalizing the working creative types)

  2. magie19475 Says:

    Hi again SP88. Only the majority vote have the Government they want – want to believe they deserve – think that they want – and have confidence in. 42 million or so did not vote for – or have the confidence in – the current liberally inclined government. It remains to be seen if the stimulus will have the effect that the government wants to belive it will. I know however that you cannot build a strong foundation on credit and debt. I’m skeptical of how this all with go.

  3. sugarpuddin88 Says:

    AIG awarded $165 million in bonuses to its executives after accepting a $173 billion government bailout

    UBS bank was fined 700 million for tax evasion; then Congress gives them 5 billion free tax payer dollars

    102 trillion SS & Medicare
    25 trillion TARP & bailouts
    53 trillion plundered from other trusts

    Every single American man, woman & child owes over $600K in FED Gov debt

    Americans have the Government they deserve

  4. magie19475 Says:

    Hi SP88. How about if everyone agrees to give this messiah stuff about President Obama a rest. It would be a false one anyway if he were – which hopefully he isn’t.

  5. wwe107 Says:

    Yeah, buy more. More, more, more!!!!!!!

  6. sugarpuddin88 Says:

    Take money from the competent & give to incompetent?

    Privatizing the gains & socializing the losses is the definition of FASCISM!

    This man suffers from an organic brain disorder He literally thinks he is the Messiah & can turn water into US dollars. Yet he never worked for a private company in his life!

    After the Tax Payer bailed out Merrill Lynch, they turned around and gave their executives 3.6 billion in Christmas Bonuses!

  7. Skurgefaust Says:

    gee exciting

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