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The Elite Bankers DO NOT want you to see this!

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  1. wolfrider2fast4u Says:

    @mindprogrammer No shops or stores seemed to work fine in America for hundreds of milions of people over thousands of years before there where laws and criminals or prisons and law enforcement or money and governments who really don’t like things like free energy (which should be the norm for the whole planet) Because their propogated objective seems to be rather than stoping the exploitation, being the one doing the exploiting. Oh and great vids thanks.

  2. dragonheadofthewest Says:

    @mindprogrammer but he is just copying people who wrote that like 40 years ago

  3. dragonheadofthewest Says:

    when will my father send me 80000 so i can live and dont have to waste life???

  4. vlada881 Says:

    Raising the interest rates will be the end game. The U.S. is already collapsed. Only thing that keeps the system going is the cheap money. For 27 months interest rates are still 0.25%. If you have studied the U.S. debt in last 5 years you can see that its level is far from sustainable. The breakingpoint happened long time ago and theres notihing you can do about it. Stop living in the past and prepare yourself to survive for whats coming. Sooner or later. It doesnt matter. Be prepared !!

  5. pmurph364 Says:

    The strange thing is the scam is done in plain sight. Because they control the Money supply there is no one with the power to challenge such an entrenched system. The structure is why even in collapse the bailouts were possible because there was no need to come up with any cash. Only an entry to assign future generations with the responsibility to pay back the interest .
    Isn’t it a shame that the Courts do not uphold the Constitution, which states that only the Government can create Money.

  6. Killuminati911 Says:

    @LeftLiberalSoCal i live in holland !

  7. mindprogrammer Says:

    @LeftLiberalSoCal very good point !

  8. mindprogrammer Says:

    Are you all ready for the U.S dollar to collapse ? when it is no longer accepted as the “World Reserve Currency” ????
    watch free video – the end of america .c o m

    and this could happen overnight !

  9. LeftLiberalSoCal Says:

    You know what is most shocking about this video?

    That in a country of 300 million people – only 9,831 took the time to view it.

  10. stayathome008 Says:

    not having a credit card at all is best

  11. yourmajezty Says:

    great video. Nothing but truth

  12. eeeeeegadd Says:

    good point BUT the people you are referring to have converted to Judaism and are NOT The Israelites from The Bible. They have, in fact, migrated to Israel and converted to Judaism. You next door neighbor has nothing to do with any of this, like you said, and it is only those in power that are abusing Humanity.

  13. onefodderunit Says:

    There are the trustful and trustworthy and those who prey on us.

  14. ChewySatisfaction Says:

    The money system is the biggest scam ever pulled

  15. curtischesness Says:

    Is there Jews on top of this system yes…..however….what about my Jewish next door neighbor living paycheck to paycheck…is he responsible for this….Come on now…stop generalizing….Besides the Jews on the top are just of Jewish blood…they are actually Satanists.

  16. mindprogrammer Says:

    The speaker does mention it, but briefly in that credit almost always passes from one bank to another, so if a bank loans money they dont have , from their credits, a mortgage for example would then go via a lawyer straight into another account, so money hasnt changed hands just credit (numbers on a screen) this bankers draft is the invisible money that banks give value to because we’re giving paper its value too, by trading with it! its simply paid for with an idea ,plus interest!

  17. EricWhoRU Says:

    Video composed of halftruths. Speaker does not understand how Fractional Reserve Lending works, makes no mention who actually provided the wealth that allows borrowers to take possession of houses without paying for them up front. As it is true that the bank loans nothing of its own and likewise true that the borrower does not pay for the house at the time of possession, who is it then that actually funds the loan? It seems apparent that this speaker has no clue.

    i’m Eric, WhoRU?

  18. canaan1967 Says:

    We are working for the wealthy moneyed interests which are not limited to the banks. They are the trans national corporations and the investor classes.

  19. canaan1967 Says:

    How can this subject be discussed outside the context of the rapacious capitalist system?

  20. VileMisanthropy Says:

    Its not just jews my friend, it simply those who are power hungry.

  21. 407buddy Says:

    Sorry folks, you have been had, peed on, scammed and lied to.
    WallStreet bailouts were rigged and a fraud, market manipulation
    high freqency trading, flash orders, naked short selling by:
    Goldman, JPM, Cit, MorgStanley, AIG, are scum and frauds.
    The Fed, Comex, Govt Data: frauds. Your labor devalued to Zero,
    Pull your money out, walk away from your CC card debt.
    FICO scores are a fraud and to enslave you. Load up on silver bullion
    (in your hands), buy local mom and pop. Starve The Beast!

  22. jas7890 Says:

    The best way to overcome this corruption is to come up with our own opinions in favor for our nieghbors friends and family. Mother nature is on our side when we choose green and I don’t mean money. : )

  23. jerrymclos Says:

    Its all jews that caused this. They will always continue to inslave people if we dont wake up !!

  24. XsteelrogueX Says:

    theres one very important question we must all ask ourselves…how do we over throw this evil…armed revolt…most likely destined to fail, war is caused by hate and fear which is a sign of weakness…we must together as a race work together to put this tyranical monster back in its place…we can only do this is with critical thinking and immediate action…may God be with us all…

  25. brightingsky2009 Says:

    A very good video bro, keep up the good work and let the world know that we are all slaves of this illusion. Thanks

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