Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

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Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood “The Monster”. But to most Americans today, Federal Reserve is just a name on the dollar bill. They have no idea of what the central bank does to the economy, or to their own economic lives; of how and why it was founded and operates; or of the sound money and banking that could end the statism, inflation, and business cycles that the Fed generates. Dedicated to Murray N. Rothbard, steeped in American history and Austrian economics, and …

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  1. RosesAndThorns91 Says:

    On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Exexutive Order 11110, ending the Federal Reserve Banking system and turning the money supply back over to the Treasury Dept. Treasury notes backed by silver were already being printed and some had even been circulated when JFK was assassinated. JFK said that the Fed was unconstitutional. It was one of the “secret societies” he warned us about. This order has NEVER been repealed and should still be in effect. We need to act NOW!

  2. babblake1 Says:

    Bubble up economics will prevail, milton babb

  3. babblake1 Says:

    Elect Milton Babb President I will lock up the FED (jail), confiscate all property and assets, we will print our own money, no free trade, hi excise taxes(imports), gold to fort knox, all existing foriegn debts x, all treaties renegotiated, return all troops.

  4. mhauser34 Says:

    (1) The Federal reserve system was installed in 1914 since the gold standard ut to then made the US almost bancrupt!
    (Source: Haubrich et al NBER,2009)
    (2) No inflation is at the border of deflation. And during the last months the national banks in europe tried to prevent ruinous deflation with most of their efforts.
    (3) If somebody says: I am the good the other is the bad, be careful!

  5. haashond Says:

    LoL all them people top of the bank industry are not mentioned in the Quote of richest people there all involved in ‘”secret'” societies which nobody is allowed to talk about & they run the current(cy) world !!! i speak for these occultist to you: MUWAHAHAHAHA there’s no peace with money they INFLUENCE THE CURRENCY OF MONEY ITS NOT EQUAL TRADING ANYMORE how u say wake up people your working yaself to death for who?

  6. mnsnake Says:

    Ok then so what are your paychecks being invested in as a means of saving for your retirement or whatever else it is you feel you need to save for? Stocks and bonds valued in Federal Reserve fiat notes or some other foreign type of currency backed with nothing?

  7. TheCOOLbigGOV Says:

    Didn’t America became ‘great’ after the second world war and by then the FR was already around for donkey years.

    And getting rid of the FR will bring jobs back to America? No need for both parents to work any longer? Etc…


  8. qcmar Says:

    they owned 2/3 of the worlds gold (Rothschild banks) yeah the same gold found in the americas, mexico , peru , africa, you think billgates is the richest man alive,,,no its those who privatey owned national central banks. using the fractional banking system…

  9. qcmar Says:

    god you people should wake up…the fed. is but part of the privately own banks in europe, the same banks that are part of the England bank( own by Rothschild’s family) the same banks that founded the WWI, WWII, french revolution , russian revolution, for both sides, cuz they earn and controll more when the winning and losing side owes then, they don’t care who wins as long as they make a profit. they are the kind of people that would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out its pocket

  10. hoodoo961 Says:

    Thats what happened at the end of the 19th century and there was public outcry. The rich “goldbugs” wanted to maintain the gold standard. People do not remember this type of thing, and are easily confused.

  11. hoodoo961 Says:

    Gold is deflationary.

  12. imbrd Says:

    uh- i think u hav it in reverse lol. if we can issue a us bond, we can surely issue a us note which is debt-free and backed by the credit not debt of the US

  13. imbrd Says:

    yes, thank you. watch the “Money Masters”

  14. Emotionengne Says:

    I really like your point…even though I always though gold is a good means of regulating inflation if tied with the currency. I guess the challenge is to sustain the currency value while maintaining economic equalness

  15. ewupawly Says:

    zach: lol honestly I don’t even remember posting that!!

  16. zachypooie Says:

    an ambien! hahahah wow someones got a problem. popping pills and watching banking videos on youtube. INTERVENTION!

  17. daytube2009 Says:

    tue – but we still need to end central banking and borrowing from it for our own money, when we can establish it ourselves. If we can issue a dollar bond, we can issue a dollar bill. The gold standard versus paper money is a central argument, but sound money is the goal.

  18. imbrd Says:

    u dont want a gold standard- gold is sooo rare it becomes too easy for the richest elite to monopolize such a commodity. i hav no clue why the guy says u’d want a gold standard at 3:30 Clearly if u hav such a standard using something so scarce & hard to come by, the rich will b far richer & poor will b far poorer as the rich hoarde the gold for personal benefit & domination & control

  19. mexxxking Says:

    i like how they tell you people used to use feathers and shells certainly your system is more fair then that, lol, not

  20. mexxxking Says:

    i think all end the fed messages should, also talk about punishing those in charge, and making sure the bankers cant collude to achieve the same result afterword, lending rules will need to be regulated, credit cards need to be gotten rid of all together, banks need to be nothing more then a decentralised place to make transactions with and safety deposit boxes.

  21. piatdor Says:

    good point

  22. ewupawly Says:

    lol hey people.. take an ambien and watch this it’ll BUG u out

  23. thadea Says:

    What I was saying is that he had the right idea. Unfortunately the banks are at it again 172 years later

  24. zionisimkills Says:

    Jackson did stop the banks, in 1836 he killed the banks, for this,, two attempts on his life where made, he also balanced the budget, he was the last pres to do this, he is the reason for USA prosperity till 1913.

  25. thadea Says:

    24:56 – and on…looks like whats happening now. History again repeats itself

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