Monetary Policy Hearing (3/17/2011) – James Grant

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Opening statement for James Grant at the 3/17/2011 hearing of the Domestic Monetary Policy & Technology Subcommittee, chaired by Ron Paul. Audio boosted.

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  1. Calledoutin08 Says:

    no sound

  2. mlorgrim Says:

    The sounds works fine for me. I just re-checked it.

  3. 22y32g9 Says:

    I’m wondering if this was done on purpose no sound. not even a whisper of sound.

  4. Whohunter1 Says:

    Google is now in control of your internet, your streaming, and your sound.

  5. warrior11x11 Says:

    Video sound is … no good. Unable to hear. Please fix, or delete. Thank You.

  6. Rizky06 Says:

    All by design.

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