Minecraft: How to Build a portal to the Nether without a diamond pick

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I will show how to build a portal to the Nether world in Minecraft without having to look for diamonds. I DON’T OWN THE SONG AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE CREATOR OF THE SONG. I am also no using this to make money.

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  1. Sam5Max Says:

    @RedGroomsify KK I will make the how to vid. ty for the idea!

  2. Sam5Max Says:

    @RedGroomsify Lol I bet you are a fake, PM me how we know each other if you are real.

  3. RedGroomsify Says:

    Good video, find lapis azul.

  4. gamezonic Says:

    awesome song

  5. Giggy9200 Says:

    I’ve had to do this before 😛 but I didn’t know about that shaped portal back then so I built the whole madoodle.

  6. GroupAnubis8466 Says:

    I built my portal in my newest world and used this way to make it. first time I ever made it this way complete success thx! 🙂 WAY EASIER!

  7. mayacatlovr Says:

    Love this song!

  8. bipolarprobe Says:

    At first I didn’t get where this was going, but once I realize that you were just creating obsidian into the portal rather than mining it out and creating it, I began to understand.

  9. Sam5Max Says:

    I didn’t figure this out myself, my friend did. He had no intention of putting a video of it on youtube so I asked if I could use the idea and he let me. You can see in the credits it show’s his name red groomsif (sp?). Anyway I belive when this was made there was nothing on this subject. 😀

  10. huismetdak Says:

    this is smart have you made it yourself?? or you just looked up on the wiki??

  11. maasikamoosipurk Says:


  12. nintendoaddict769 Says:

    song from the end = mysteryguitarman. 😀

  13. Mooshula37 Says:

    @Sam5Max it was a simple question bud, u didn’t need to come up with a smart-ass remark

  14. Sam5Max Says:


    *Checks the date mine video was posted*: Nov 07, 2010
    *Checks the date Roosterteeth posted his*: January 14, 2011

    Hmmmmm, now who posted first?

  15. Mooshula37 Says:

    u copied this from roosterteeth didnt u

  16. Lex60 Says:

    Wow, thanks for the tip.

  17. Rabidazell Says:

    Wow, sandcasting in minecraft!

  18. WhoWatchesVideos Says:

    We Didn’t Start The Fire…

  19. LoadingMoviez Says:

    I just did this a couple minutes ago, without any idea you had made this video. Dang, I thought my idea would be a new one. I used a stone mold, made the economy version. I’ll upload the vid sometime, i procrastonate.

  20. Pyrarsonist Says:

    @AC3xHD I find it in caves. Everywhere. But that is now irrelevant.

  21. Niosus Says:

    @legox97 only the source block turns into obsidian, the flowing parts turn into cobblestone

  22. AC3xHD Says:

    @Pyrarsonist Where you getting the lava from then retard?

  23. Pyrarsonist Says:

    @AC3xHD Don’t be ridiculous. Buckets only take 3 iron, which can be found on the surface of the earth and mined in 3 seconds by a stone pick axe. It takes ten times as long to extract obsidian from the earth even with a diamond pick axe. There’s also the danger of FALLING INTO LAVA as obsidian mostly forms above it.

  24. Pyrarsonist Says:

    @imhevenly Lava is extremely easy to find actually. Normally I make a base in the ground and dig down diagonally until I find a cave. If you download Minutor you can view everything. You can see what’s down there and not even have to dig.

  25. Pyrarsonist Says:

    @nanoco1000 Pssst. Get an update torrent from narfdude. It updates automatically real good s***.

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