Michael Moore, Sean Hannity Talk Mortgage Crisis

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During an interview with Sean Hannity, Michael Moore laments the mortgage fraud that’s been caused by banks and lenders, and suggesting Hannity is blaming victims of the mortgage crisis for not knowing any better, Moore says it’s “like asking a woman how short was your shirt after you’ve been raped.”

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  1. andell1 Says:

    Before this crash happened, I lamented the system by suggesting that in the Western world, economic growth was largely being enjoyed by a small segment of the population, and the concealing factor in all of this…was the accessibility of debt. There’s no doubt that there is a benefit of global trade…however I suspect we’ve gone too far too fast, and as a result, the most vulnerable are being sacrificed for the good of further enriching those with the most!

  2. raybari Says:

    Sean Hannity is such a loser.

  3. babytheirgreatlol Says:

    @5LiterRapesCAMAROaSS I see your point there, after all, the public is so customized to hinge off every word from the media and politicians that we’ve entrusted them on nearly every decision we make.That’s why I don’t fully comply with hannity’s remarks about the consumer not taking accountability for their borrowing.You see it everywhere in the media, newspapers and advertisements “BORROW! BORROW! BORROW!”…is it any wonder why we’re a nation of debt?

  4. monkeyman1140 Says:

    Hannity is a pro-corporate hack, its a shame

  5. ErichoTTA Says:

    I believe this is some of his best.

  6. 5LiterRapesCAMAROaSS Says:

    The unfornate part is Hannity protects the top 1% over the 95% Moore is protecting.

  7. radwik77 Says:

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  8. babytheirgreatlol Says:

    They both present facts of truth neither is completely wrong or completely right but if either of these clowns think their arguments are ironclad their just discarded douchebags.If people learn to be truly objective in their reasoning and discernment on political matters I’m sure they’ll find the truth is neither to the left or ring but always somewhere in the middle.
    And the fact remains the lenders are the real tricksters/swindlers who KNOW what they are doing.Hannity might be getting senile.

  9. wrestlereview1 Says:

    A biased fox news presenter … shocking.

    I feel sorry for the American public with mass media like that. American dream? More like nightmare these days.

  10. DisturbedHavok Says:

    The fact is, there were rules in place that ended up being stripped down more or not enforced. Corporations worked to find legal ways around the rules or worked fast when the government decided to look away (as they did in the Bush years most of the time) and tried to expand their profits to the max. Yes, I know that’s their goal, but if there were NO rules in place, the situation would be infinitely worse. Greed is the driving force of free market capitalism and an enemy of equality and freedom

  11. billdavis19 Says:

    Did Michael Moore just throw out that FBI statistic? 80%. HOooey, hogwash. Link it to me. Oh, and if you are bankrupt by medical bill’s, you clam bankruptcy, you don’t lose your house… All people that are in subprime mortgages have been deceived, exploited and swindled. Yea, right. I know it happens, but every one???
    This crisis is due to the failure to regulate and giving mortgages to people that didn’t qualify.

  12. VVGrules Says:

    Fox Propaganda Crazies have turned Socialism into a dirty word. Rupert Murdoch(billionaire with a dog in the fight) hires idiots to do his dirty work for him.If Socialism is so bad why does Socialist Norway have more millionaires than America? Why does Socialist Europe? Why? Check it out for yourself

  13. ghostlaw1980 Says:

    R we only capable of passing greed laws at this point. I want a mortgage that is adjustable. Adjustable to fair market value. My grandfather took out a loan 50 years ago to start a business. They gave him ten years to repay it. He repaid it in one year. The next year he bought a house free and clear. To all the BMW driving pinto owners, your getting what you bought. Insecurity. I want what I pay for.

  14. clevebrowns3 Says:

    They both don’t understand that the primary source for our trouble with the banks has been the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has many ways of manipulating the banks . For example, the Federal Reserve controls how much these banks have in reserves, which directly affects the risks that they are going to take. Michael Moore should make a documentary on the corruption of the Federal Reserve.

  15. michi0522 Says:

    “I was poor in my life. I lived in apartments…” LMAO.

  16. yot5000 Says:

    Welcome to the good old usa lol

  17. yot5000 Says:

    And 101zulu black people were not given any freedom. Your founding fathers were RACIST and old men. The comman man, woman in 1783 US were no better off after you got rid of us brits. Lucky you had the French and Spanish to help you.

  18. yot5000 Says:

    Well wrote emkultra. fox is owned my a guy born in Australia. He sold his birthrate by becoming a US Citizen. He is an Immigrant who bought Fox News, BUT a RICH ONE so Fox news does not mind rich Immigrants coming to the USA.
    Your country is made up of Immigrants Many more poor then rich. Fox does not like the many! and does not like your new President who was born in the USA by the way! Fox just does not like his colour of his skin.

  19. seltian Says:

    I love you, Michael Moore!

  20. XxManOManxX Says:

    “god damn it that is so wrong!!!”

    Sis, get this sentence together…..

  21. 101zulu Says:

    god damn it that is so wrong!!!

    who the fuck is spoon feeding you this bullshit?!

  22. XxManOManxX Says:

    Well then…

    Good day, sis! =)

  23. huckfinntwentyeight Says:

    Nice, you almost convinced yourself that you were right now go look at what you wrote. Are those flip flops going to the beach with you? Now that you agree with me this “convo” is now over. Cheers mate!

  24. XxManOManxX Says:

    Youre sooo silly! LOL!

    1st – I called you an ass because, as you demostrated so brillantly, you hoped in a convo that doesn’t involve you AND was wrong…

    2nd – I don’t care if ppl reply to my comment. Its when you come at the end and is so wrong.

    3rd – Adding insult to injury, you STILL didnt get the facts right. I said the common folk had troops in there homes and were called to revolt by our founding fathers.

  25. huckfinntwentyeight Says:

    You’re funny. And your attempt to cover up your lack of knowledge if hilarious. Calling me names or daydreaming about my ass and how happy it is won’t help you either. If you didn’t want other people to comment on your bone-headed comments then don’t post them on the internet. Duh? So, the “common folk” had nothing to do with revolting, I guess it was only our Founding Fathers that revolted no one else, Hun? Put down your paint chip sandwich and read, man! Do you live under power lines?

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