mi-card Ultra Thin Business Card Holder – A Stylish Card Holder at a Remarkable Price

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As a service qualified professional you are definitely wishing for that extra edge to show competency, working experience and dedication to your trade and what stronger way is there than to create a great initial impression?
That’s why I was ecstatic to get the mi-card, an original new business card case from mi-stuf.

The 1st time I reached in to my coat pocket and pulled out this unique business card holder, I spotted that some individuals in the suite virtually stopped to get a closer look and quite a few phoned me to ask about about precisely where I got the mi-card (more regarding that later on).

If you may be not unlike me, you make contact with loads of buyers on any given day and keeping a number of business cards nearby is crucial. That’s why I went out of my way to look for a business card case that not only helps keep my business cards organised and safe from the elements but one that could make me appear like I know exactly what I’m doing and more notably, helps make me appear like I care about myself as well as my company.

In view that I am a huge supporter of Amazon.com (I enjoy the extremely fast delivery, plus they offer a truly comforting money-back guarantee which will ensure you are always delighted with your purchase decision), I thought I could give them a try with this and omg did it turn out to be a stellar choice! Not only was I all set to get a prime quality business card case for a marvelous price but I also experienced phenomenal customer service, making certain that my package got here in time and more notably (to me anyway) they afforded me a bunch of excellent helpful hints on the simple way to effectively take care of and enjoy my business card case.

I’d guess that I’m a little bit over enthusiastic about this business card case but I don’t think so. If you are in the market for a specific product to make it possible for you stand out in a crowd I encourage you to select the link below and experience the mi-card for yourself.

If you decide to try them out, let me know your opinion, I am absoluetly certain you will be more than delighted!

Profits That Lay Hidden in Your Pocket

Produce a Wonderful Very first Impression With The mi-card Luxury Business Card Holder by mi-stuf
– Faux leather won’t smudge or scratch
– Easy to use
– Quality materials and design
– Light and slim but robust and sturdy
– Comes in a choice of five distinct colors
– Suitable for males and women

Keeps Your Business Cards Clean and Crisp
Your business card says a lot about you and not just by what is printed on it!

Grubby, tatty business cards, pulled out of your pocket do not inspire confidence in your clients. You could be losing hundred of dollars worth of orders just by making this easy mistake.

Make certain you get all the contracts you should With the mi-card luxury Business Card Holder. Your cards are kept clean, crisp and ready to impress!

Unlike other business card holders, the mi-card Luxury Business Card Holder is produced from leading good quality materials with a professional and sleek design, so your clients will be impressed by your style as well!

– Stainless steel case keeps Business Cards clean and crisp.
– Soft material lining protects your cards inside the case.
– Light and sleek to fit effortlessly into your pocket or purse.
– Faux leather covering so it won’t smudge or scratch very easily.

– Holds 12-15 business cards.
– Measures: 9.4cm L x 6.0cm W x .9cm H
– Weight: 1.8oz

The ONLY business card case backed by a lifetime no-hassle free replacement Guarantee.
***Limited Supply AT THIS Price***

Check this out at amazon.com/BUSINESS-CARD-HOLDER-Stainless-Available/dp/B00CTL04RW/business card holder/

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