Merchant Accounts and Big Changes in This Insanely Competitive Industry

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Get started growing your business with a merchant account. Credit card processing is key to growing your bottom line.  With credit card issuance growing at a record pace,646 million cards were issued in the U.S. alone in 2008,  and millions turning to the convenience of on-line shopping savvy business owners are opening merchant accounts in droves. For the last 10 years on-line purchasing has sky-rocketed without the least signs of fatigue…

almost one-half of all purchases will be made on-line

This trend has no “off switch”. IDC says that by 2012, over 1 billion online buyers will make this industries sales worth $1.2 trillion. Business to business e-commerce is projected to be a whopping  ten times larger, reaching a mind numbing  $12.4 trillion worldwide by 2012.

Behind all this money are the merchants tapping into this stampeding herd of buyers. Merchant account providers have made huge strides in making this process as painless as possible. Then with a few clicks of your mouse and 24 hours later, you’re set up to start banking those sales with your merchant account.


In the past accounts were difficult to set-up, various sometimes borderline outrageous fees were charged to merchant account holders and there were a host of other problems like expensive credit card processing equipment and poor customer service. But all of this has changed because of the extreme competition in this industry. Seriously competitive, this has got to be one of the most cut-throat industries ever. The good thing that as a new merchant account holder you’ll get the best treatment, service plans and customer service that this swirling service industry has to offer. So if you’re business isn’t growing at the pace you want it to and you don’t have a merchant account set up, you owe it to yourself and your business to start tapping into that buying demand with a merchant account.

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