Maybelline Amethyst Smokes Eyeshadow Tutorial

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♥ mon blog: ♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●●•٠·˙ ♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙˙♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙˙ ♥ Eyes: Too Faced shadow insurance Maybelline Amethyst Smokes Quad Wet N Wild Vanity Palette Revlon Colorstay eyeliner L’oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon black Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Fake Criss-Cross eyelashes Ardell Lashgrip Adhesive ♥ Face Olay Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 (Sensitive Skin) Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in medium Maybelline dream matte powder in Medium Beige Mac mineralized blush in Dainty Stila sun bronzing powder in Shade 01 ♥ Lips: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Spotlight Beige The brushes used in this video are from Sigma’s Professional Brush Roll Kit: ^Spend $30 or more to get a free gift ˙·٠•●●•٠·˙ ♥ Shop Online ♥ Sigma Brushes: ^ Receive a Free Gift with your purchase of $30 or more! ♥ Flat Iron Experts ^ Use coupon code shop5 for 5% OFF -Free shipping on orders over $75 -Free KQC mini flat iron with your purchase of $100 ♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙♥ ˙·٠•●●•٠·˙ ♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙˙♥˙·٠•●●•٠·˙˙

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  1. Karaisoke Says:

    One of the few things I have in my makeup is the Revlon eyeliner. Before I got it I couldn’t do it at all. I would screw up all the time. But I love this. It’s soft, easy to apply and comes out really dark on the first go.

    I love the tutorial. It was super helpful!

  2. CatGirl2105 Says:

    I didn’t have this quad so I used different ones and it turned out so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😉 0_o

  3. silverchair082 Says:

    Thanks! I bought this quad and followed the guidelines on the packaging and it looked like I had a black eye! I’m going to try this way

  4. newportcitybeach Says:

    i know this is kind of random but you have smooth eyelids….umm yea.

  5. maryann1804 Says:

    Beautiful eyes

  6. lilbit15210 Says:

    @Zannie3454 i think she made that tutorial already ! are you talking about the quad with the white , teal , navy blue and black? i have it too. so pretty but yeaa she made a tutorial . and she used revlon electric pop cream shadow quad with it and TRUST me it makes a difference.

  7. poah85 Says:

    omigod!! i just love your headflower..soooo cutee..oww

  8. BEGMary21 Says:

    Omg i love this tutorial, The colors are so pretty!! thanks for sharing this =)
    Ps: I really love your background music keke ~~

  9. HannahTheScribe Says:

    It is very pretty on you!

  10. Zannie3454 Says:

    hi nee,
    I was wondering if you do a tutorial using the Sapphire Ice quad from maybelline
    Thank you 🙂

  11. FaRaWLa2020 Says:

    im thinking of getting this quad just to do this look! beautiful!

  12. Lenaoffical Says:

    I love all your videos and I’m obsessed with you hair tutoials 🙂
    but a roomtour please

  13. pumpkinsandspices Says:

    Your makeup tutorials are always so pretty! I really enjoy them. (:

  14. jubidzz Says:

    that quad has such pretty colours wow

  15. Killppl4fun Says:

    you got such a thin line with that liquid, wow. O_o* impressive.

  16. sar5star Says:

    I love your Vids. They’re simple yet very good.

  17. SlickChick88 Says:

    ur so bubbly ^_^

  18. ukeelady Says:

    Have you found this quad to be a tad powdery? I do like it, and have it on my wish list 🙂 oxo

  19. iheartmakeup27 Says:

    so pretty. I just did a tutorial using this quad. i’ll post it soon 🙂

  20. MixedOreo09 Says:

    are the shades really shimmery?

  21. ayappi Says:

    Thanks for this, Nee! I started wearing my eyeliner like this tutorial.

  22. LucyMakeUp100 Says:

    I love this makeup very very beautyful by Lucy!!

  23. Mimieq8 Says:


  24. ShadeeRiz17 Says:

    hi you look so great and your tutorial is pretty amazing…i appreciate how you have done it its nice and very simple and can just be easily followed nice job..unlike other tutorials there are sophisticated and hard to follow..tnx for the tip..more power

  25. uscpharm07 Says:

    pretty! do you use the “pulsating” action of that mascara or do you just use it like regular mascara? what is ur opinion on it?

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