Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Pin It Onvizi offer some information and marketing ideas for small business owners. Having a good online presence and visibility matters because in this modern internet era, this is where clients and customers are looking for YOUR products and services. Don’t let your competition win, make sure you are the first number they call. Contact us today to discover how we help you build a tribe of hungry customers

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  1. legcaybegins Says:

    Marketing is definitley one of the harder concepts to grasp when it comes to marketing. Many times I find myself wondering why a particular marketing strategy is not working. Many times I can trace it back to not enough capital and not enough persistence.

  2. bestva1 Says:


    Amazing video


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  3. TheRebarDSD Says:

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  4. Onvizi Says:

    @choppy1975 if you visit the link in the details box below the video – you will find a contact form on our website. Feel free to drop us your details and we will see where we can assist

  5. Onvizi Says:

    @s1monconnolly you are absolutely spot on!! The benefits and advantages are massive, the difficulty is often making small businesses see this is a solution that works just as well for them as it does for major corporations.

  6. Onvizi Says:

    @clouso Thanks – next one is on it’s way this week

  7. clouso Says:

    This quite obviously the marketing strategy of the present and future business world.
    Great video Onvizi I will be very interested in seeing your next video.

  8. choppy1975 Says:

    Brilliant work guys that video is truely inspiring!! Its given me some great ideas to improve my online business. I think my business could benefit from your services would be great to have a video like that on my website.

  9. s1monconnolly Says:

    Wow – an informative and insightful video that wasn’t convoluted by ‘business talk’ !! I like it!! It not only explained new marketing trends clearly, but supported them with basic business logic and hard stats! The alarm rang clear to me, if you want a successful and sustainable business, you have to log on like everyone else!!

  10. Onvizi Says:

    @designerpro9 yes, its important for sure. By all means, drop us a line and we would be delighted to chat it over with you. All the best

  11. Onvizi Says:

    @SCONNO1 Thanks – most appreciated. Yes – the world has changed as the video says. Its no longer enough to simply have a static website that is never updated and then maybe do a bit of seo on it!
    Look out for the several more updates on this theme and others we are working on in the coming weeks

  12. SCONNO1 Says:

    Excellent video,once again,by Onvizi. Astounding stats and information. This is an absolute must for all Business owners and Managers, wherever they are around the Globe. It explains in simple terms, why all Businesses need to create an online presence to be at all competitve in the future. It illustrates the way in which people are searching for products and services and how the methods have changed considerably from outdated forms of advertising.This is a real eye opener!

  13. designerpro9 Says:

    Another great reason to be online ,this has really given me something to think about and to stop putting it off .to have an online presense would give my business a big lift.

  14. Onvizi Says:

    @harry1974100 Thanks most appreciated. The nursing homes comment is a little ‘tongue in cheek’ but it’s also fact. You just need to look at the stats of their decline versus Google’ upsurge over the last 10 years. If i recall correctly, you can see a video where i present this fact on our channel

  15. Onvizi Says:

    @Peakdistrictonline There are a number of interesting facts in this video alone. You hit the nail on the head in that proper video marketing can drive relentless hungry buying traffic to your business. Thanks for the comments about this and our services

  16. Onvizi Says:

    @jpmpublishing – yes absolutely. We come across the same old EXCUSES every week – “we don’t need to be online”. I find that an amazing statement given the facts. To be fair, those we work with, always do also after they discover it delivers actual paying customers! And which business doesn’t want those? 

  17. Onvizi Says:

    Part 2 will be on our channel in a couple of weeks. This goes into detail, how you can achieve these results

  18. Peakdistrictonline Says:

    really good vid this – all total logic that is missed out from so many tutorials – marketing online is so much easier when done this way – top video you chaps! I run a company with over 15 PR5 sites and all of what these guys say is clear and true, follow them now !! we have over 54 videos online now and have had over 15 THOUSAND views in 4 months – to view an example of what Onvizi are going on about can be seen in real life by typing in Youtube PEAKDISTRICTONLINE

  19. Peakdistrictonline Says:

    really good vide this – all total logic that is missed out from so many tutorials – marketing online is so much easier when done this way – top video you chaps! I run a company with over 15 PR5 sites and all of what these guys say is clear and true, follow them now !!

  20. harry1974100 Says:

    Great video,like the way its been set out as a really professional presentation and love the bit about nursing homes
    Good work

  21. jpmpublishing Says:

    Great video. Really informative and very well presented. It clearly explains why we all need to create an online presence if we are to be at all competitve in the future. It is clear that the way in which people are searching for products and services has shifted considerably from the old traditional advertising platforms, and I think this presentation really drives home that message with great facts and figures. Good job

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